b! Review: Melange @ Andheri (W)

A good breakfast is the key to having a good day. Shirin Mehrotra tests this theory at the newly opened Melange only to find that there is much truth to the theory. The area near Citi Mall in Andheri (W) was earlier dominated by diners like Salt ‘n’ Pepper and Ginger Marie. It now sports fresh entrants like Bru World Café and The Chocolate Room. Add Melange to this list and this area is prepped to help big breakfast junkies get their daily fix. Like most of the adjacent eateries, Melange too has outdoor and air-conditioned indoor seating. We love a healthy shot of the early morning sun and picked the al fresco area over the slightly cramped indoor seating. While seated, we couldn’t stop wondering how lovely this place would be in the monsoons. There are separate menus for breakfast, tapas and mains and beverages. The beverage menu is extensive and has a whole range of shakes, coolers, smoothies, and hot coffees. We quickly ordered a lemon n mint mojito and an oreo shake before focusing on the breakfast menu. The mojito was refreshing with a mild chilli aftertaste, exactly what we needed on a hot day like this, while the Oreo shake was not cold enough and was a little too sweet. Moving on from drinks we ordered a Melange special breakfast, which includes eggs, toast, avocado, and baked tomatoes. On our request, we were served a wild omelette instead of scrambled, poached or fried eggs. It arrived with four thick slices of bread, baked in-house, an avocado and two plump red tomatoes. All we missed on this plate was bacon. As an eggetarian restaurant, we knew what we were in for and certainly aren’t complaining, but we did miss the crisp brown rashers. Next on our list was the breakfast burger with hash browns and onion marmalade. The burger was stuffed with cucumber, tomatoes and a couple of hash browns, topped with onion and tomato sauce and was heavy enough to make me skip my lunch. The bread to our surprise was toasted which reminded me of the burgers I used to eat when I was in school. The rocket, served on the side, was tossed in a sweet and tangy dressing and added a distinct freshness to the dish. After going through a fat omelette and a large burger, we spied the green apple crème Brule and could not help ordering it. The dessert arrived with almond biscotti, fresh cream, and green apple chutney. This creamy and flavourful dish alone is worth the trip to Andheri, but the menu also has a number of sinful treats like cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and pancakes that are simply begging to be sampled. Stuffed with a hearty breakfast we decided to move out but not before asking for the owner who we hear is a very sweet guy. Sadly he wasn’t in. Never mind, we are definitely going back for a chat with him…and yes, for those pancakes too. Meal for two: Rs. 600 + taxes