6 Quirky Street Food Dishes That Go Beyond The Usual Ones

Because street food is bae…

Vadapav, Chinese Bhel and Dosa are the usual suspects when we talk street food. We travelled across the city and stumbled on some really unconventional yet delicious dishes to be on your list to try. So, read on and know more about what the street food maximum city has to offer…

Cheese Burst Dosa@Pure Milk Centre, Ghatkopar

Cheese Burst Dosa at Pure Milk Centre
Cheese Burst Dosa at Pure Milk Centre

Are you cheesy just like us? Not the romantic one, but does cheese make you happy? Head to Pure Milk Centre and chow down the Cheese Burst Dosa. Oodles of melted cheese are ladled on your dosa so that you get cheese in every bite! We’re sure you love cheese in your dosa but this takes it to another level all together.

Chicken Vadapav@Balamia Lane, Mahim

Chicken Vada Pav
Chicken Vada Pav

Vadapav has been synonymous to street food in Mumbai but what else can be a variant? We spent some time in the quest and stumbled upon the glorious non vegetarian cousin: Chicken Vadapav! A luscious potato mashed patty has bits of shredded chicken in it sandwiched between a pav laced with spicy chutney, need we say more?

Maggi Pizza@Hungry Head, Powai

Maggi Pizza at Hungry Head
Maggi Pizza at Hungry Head

Maggi is probably the first dish in terms of kitchen experience we’ve all had. This Maggi Pizza has a noodle base with cheese and other toppings. Bite into a crunchy and cheesy Maggi Pizza,a dish that justifies our love for all things junk.

Vitamin Bhel@Soam, Chowpatty

Vitamin Bhel at Soam, Chowpatty

Vitamin and Bhel next to each other, in the same sentence? You read it right! We’re talking about a street food delight that pleases your tummy and tongue both. A mix of sprouts and lentils is laced with yoghurt and green chutney; it’s then tossed with veggies. It sure sounds fun for a humble street side snack.

Chicken Pav Bhaji@Pancho’s Pav Bhaji, Powai


Food, it’s fascinating how it evolves and adapts especially if you see Pav Bhaji. It started off a quick lunch meant for workers that evolved into a street food favourite and then one with chicken. Pancho’s Pav Bhaji is a delivery/ take-out place operating in Powai that dishes out the awesome Chicken Pav Bhaji. If you want to try other variants, they offer some other exciting stuff too!

Pizza Sev Puri@Shreeji Stall, Borivali

Pizza Sev Puri

Love chaat but can’t get enough of Pizza? We’ve found you a dish that combines both which is called Pizza Sevpuri. Flat puris with cheese and spices is heated and you get a mouthful of flavour when you pop one in. Head to Borivali, Shreeji Stall and you’ll find the dish everyone is raving about.

Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza, Rupa Iyer and Ankur Chheda

Know Your Food: Italian Cuisine Explained

Because this rustic cuisine has much more to offer than just pizza

We always think of pizza or pasta when we speak about Italian food, but we’re far from the whole truth. Rustic, simple and fresh, this cuisine finds its roots all the way back to antiquity. It is known for its regional diversity and with Italian food it’s all about the ingredients. So, read on to know more about authentic Italian food and where to find it in this city.



A typical Italian Antipasto (starter), Bruschetta is bread placed on a grill, rubbed with garlic and olive oil. It comes topped with tomato, onions and caramelized balsamic vinegar. Probably one of the most famous dishes, this dish hails from southern Italy.

Bite into some tasty Bruschetta at Quattro Ristorante, Prego – The Westin and Gustoso.

Insalata Capresse

Insalata Capresse or Caprese Salad
Insalata Capresse or Caprese Salad

We know this dish by the name of Capresse Salad and it’s another simplistic yet flavourful salad. Made by sliced Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Basil seasoned with Olive oil, and sometimes even dressed with Balsamic dressing.

Stay healthy with this simple yet flavourful salad at Quattro Ristorante and Trattoria Vivanta by Taj.


Minestrone Soup
Minestrone Soup

On a cold night when it’s freezing outside, warm up to a bowl of Minestrone – a thick soup replete with vegetables.  This soup probably has been around since the Roman Empire and it’s fascinating how, over the years the recipe has adapted to the new times. Currently, classic Minestrone comes with veggies and some pasta too!

Warm up to a bowl of Minestrone at Gustoso and Mockingbird Café Bar



We have chutney and just like us, Italy has Pesto. Now, these two may look similar but they’re actually very different. Pesto is essentially a paste made of pine nuts, basil leaves, parmesan cheese and olive oil. It’s aromatic, rustic and earthy; usually served with pasta; it can also be used as a dip or spread.

Get your pesto fix at Saucery and Café Moshe’s


Tenderloin Carpaccio
Tenderloin Carpaccio

Carpaccio probably is the most recent addition to Italy’s culinary heritage. Usually served as an appetizer, it is was invented in 1950’s and named after Vittore Carpaccio, an Italian painter. A rather discerning delicacy, is made with thinly sliced meat which is usually raw  with seasoning such as lemon, salt or vinaigrette.



Arancini is an appetizer made of deep fried risotto balls and is believed to hail from Sicily after the Arab invaders brought rice to Italy. The name loosely means little oranges and aptly so after what tiny Arancini balls resemble. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside they’re usually filled with tomato sauce, cheese and meat.

Devour these cheesy delights at Prego – The Westin and Farzi Café



Imagine the aroma of freshly baked bread, isn’t it appetizing? Focaccia is flat bread usually made with dough similar to pizza crust and olive oil. This soft and luscious bread comes with toppings such as olives, sundried tomatoes and capers.

Dig into a comforting Focaccia at World Streat Food, The Rolling Pin, Theobroma and Café Moshe’s

Pizza Ai Frutti di Mare

Love seafood? Love pizza? Here’s the Pizza you wouldn’t want to miss. Ai Frutti di Mare is a typical Italian seafood pizza that comes topped with squids, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, caviar, scallops, shellfish, clams, et al.

Relish this delight at Prego – The Westin and Jamie’s Pizzeria by Jamie Oliver


Remember Hot pockets? Slightly similar to those, this Italian street food favourite resembles Spanish Empanadas or Stromboli. Folded over, stuffed with cheese and pizza toppings and then baked. It sure makes for the perfect snack on the go!

Snack on a Calzone at Quattro Ristorante and Café Mangii

Pasta Aglio Olio



When do you call a dish minimalistic? Probably when the preparation only requires five ingredients and yet be extremely delicious. Literally translates to olive oil and garlic, this dish requires patience to infuse the oil with the ingredients. The pasta is then tossed in the oily flavourful sauce and garnished with Parmesan cheese.

Polish off a plateful of this delight at Prithvi Cafe and 145



Rich, creamy and hearty Risotto hails from Milan. Arborio rice  cooked in a dense broth makes for a delicious meal. This dish gets it silky texture from the traditional slow cooking. Wholesome, heart and comforting are just some of the adjectives we think of when someone says Risotto.

Nourish yourself with risotto at Cafe Mangii and The Tasting Room

Panna Cotta


Literally translates to cooked cream in Italian, this no doubt, is a dessert. Originating from Northern Italy, it traditionally is chilled in ramekins and serves with coulis. You know a well-made Panna cotta when it has a supple consistency, it wobbles but stays firm holding its shape.

Scoop up the last bit of Panna Cotta at Mirchi & Mime and The Sassy Spoon



Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. The first ever records of people relishing flavoured ice shavings in Italy date back as much as 3000 BC. Slow churning gives it the creamy consistency and enhances the flavour. Little did we know what used to be just flavoured ice flakes will evolve into an indulgent dessert, we now call Gelato?

Relish a gelato at Gelato Italiano and Amore Gourmet Gelato



Tiramisu literally means pick-me-up in Italian and why not? This decadent dessert is delicately crafted with espresso and kahlua soaked Saviordi biscuits, layered with mascarpone cheese and cocoa. This dessert is relished not only in Italy but across the globe too!

Pick it up and savour a decadent Tiramisu at Trattoria – Vivanta by Taj and Pizza By The Bay

Images for representational purposes only.

10 Best Places For Your Date Night This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air…

What is that one thing that makes your significant other happy? When you leave no stone unturned to express your love for them. This year, it comes on a weekday but that is just another hurdle to make the evening even more special. Here’s a list of restaurants you can take your significant other.


For the beach babies

Estella, Juhu

Estella, Juhu

Fancy a date by the sea? Book your table at the recently opened Modern Australian restaurant – Estella. Listen to the soothing sound of the waves gently crashing onto the shore while you savour an elaborate menu. Try their Thai Salmon Fishcake with poached Salmon Salad & Tomato Chowder. If you like sushi, try the Beach Salmon & Beet Carpaccio Maki Rolls that come with avocado & creamy ponzu topped crab salad.

Kiki’s Café & Deli, Mandwa Jetty

Kiki's Cafe & Delhi, Mandwa Jetty
Kiki’s Cafe & Delhi, Mandwa Jetty

So you want it to be picture perfect away from the city and yet by the beach? Hop on to the next ferry from Gateway of India that takes you to Mandwa Jetty. Make your way to Kiki’s Café & Deli with sweeping views of the sea. Feel the sea breeze and savour a delish Seafood Linguine with Truffle Oil or Balinese Curry.

For the ones wanting to dance the night away

Copa, Juhu

Copa, Juhu

If you want to dance the night away, Copa is your place to be. Sip on the gastronomic cocktails such as The Big Booty (no pun intended) and hold her close as you move to the tunes of Bachata.


For the ones yearning some quality time

One Street Over, Bandra

One Street Over, Bandra
One Street Over, Bandra

It’s time to celebrate love and savour some cocktails made especially for your date night at One Street Over, Bandra. Bond over a dish of their delicious Crab Rangoon Wontons or their Dan Dan Noodles. Sip on a glass of Cranberry Kiss – a mélange of Chandon and cranberry sorbet and many more.

Veranda, Bandra

Veranda, Bandra

If you enjoy your alone time away from the city’s chaos, Veranda is your place to be. It’s the simplicity of this place that allows love to blossom over a plateful of delicious Allepy Prawns curry or Rogan Josh. Sip some Watermelon & Basil Mojito while you’re at it.

The Korner House, Khar

The Korner House, Khar
The Korner House, Khar

If you’re a gourmand, you and your partner should head to Chef Vicky Ratnani’s The Korner House for your date night. Nestled in a quaint yet cheery lane, this restaurant is ideal for a gourmet meal with the one you love. Sample an decadent four course meal that includes Winter Asparagus Soup with Parmesan or Fillet of Norwegian Salmon with baby bokchoy and Persian lemon buerre blanc.

For your dose of the good old retro

Door No 1, Bandra
Miss the times when Elvis Presley’s songs topped the charts? Head to Door No 1 for your dose of true blue retro. Devour some delicious Char grilled Lemon Mustard Fish Tikka or Mixed Sprout Falafel with Hummus Dip. Sip on spiked Chocolate Milkshake as you relive memories from when you were strangers in the night to when you can’t stop falling in love with her!

For the high school love Birds

Bar Bar, Kurla
High school sweethearts, head to Bar Bar this Valentine’s Day, why you’d ask? This Valentine’s Bar Bar hosts a prom night theme that takes your back in time. So ladies and gentlemen, don your pleated skirts and strap on your suspenders; shake a leg to the chartbusters from 80’s 90’s and early 2000’s. Savour a menu replete with nostalgia such as Pulled Chicken Dabeli, Chinese Bhel Frankie, Machchi Mirchi Pav, et al.  At the end of your date, the best dressed couple gets a prize too!!


For the Art Affceionados

AKA Bistro, Kala Ghoda

Interiors at AKA Bistro
Interiors at AKA Bistro

If you or your partner is art aficionados, take a walk around the art district, Kalaghoda and head to AKA Bistro. This place is a mélange of modern pop art and neo classical baroque décor. It’s a great place for some delectable food and quality time with your significant other.  Find yourself relishing a menu especially curated for the occasion. Sample some Prawn bisque, Broccoli Cakes and Seafood Paella amongst other.


For the Bollywood Buff

Madeira & Mime, Powai

New Restaurants in Mumbai
Madeira & Mime

This Valentine’s Day, go over the top with the one you love. If you’re a Bollywood buff, you’re in for a treat at Madeira & Mime. Get all mushy with the ‘Roop ki Raani and Choron Ka Raja’ theme. They’ve gone all out with cocktails such as Disco Pisco, Pyaar ka PUNCHnama & Prem Ratan ‘RUM’ Paayo. That’s not all, there’s a selfie corner, lovey dovey music and games too!

India On A Platter – Part 2

A culinary insight into the heart of the country

We’ve seen that Indian subcontinent houses a lot of mouth watering cuisines. We’re definitely privileged and spoilt for choice, at least with food. As hedonists in pursuit of nirvana, here’s another list of cuisines you should try.

Khozi Melagu Chettinad@South Of VindhyasThe Orchid, Vile Parle

Khozi Melagu Chettinad
Khozi Melagu Chettinad

In a collection of cuisines that Tamil Nadu sees, Chettinad is the most well known. This is owing to the unrestricted use of spices and use of sun dried meat – a technique adapted very early in the culinary history. Interestingly, it is just one of the techniques they adopted whilst trading with merchants from across the south-east Asian countries.


Kosha Mangsho@Bhojohari Manna, Oshiwara

Kosha Mangsho

What we usually interpret as a cuisine of desserts actually has some feisty curries to it too! Bengal has seen an influx of both the pre-independence Colonial and Chinese, yet the cuisine have been carefully retained. One such example is Kasho Mangsho, a lovely and robust mutton curry you’re supposed to polish off with rice.

Kolhapuri Sukke@Diva Maharashtracha, Matunga West

Kolhapuri Sukke

As a host to many tribes and communities, Maharashtrian cuisine is vast, in fact it is believed that food changes in every family with their best kept secrets. With dishes ranging from mildly spiced to fiery, the cuisine in itself is diverse. Kolhapuri Sukke is a dish relished by many for abundant use of spices. However, if you don’t have an appetite for spice, you can easily gorge onto some Sabudana khichdi, sago sautéed over clarified butter with green chilies and crushed peanuts.

Coorgi Chicken Curry@South Of VindhyasThe Orchid, Vile Parle

Coorgi Chicken Curry
Coorgi Chicken Curry

Coorg is a nestled hill station not very far from Bangalore. This lush idyllic village is aptly nicknamed the Scotland of India and hosts a warrior tribe known as Kodava. These warm hospitable people have a cuisine that’s  delicious and sourced from the forests. Coorgi Chicken curry just like its other dishes is aromatic, piquant yet flavourful. Tangy and spicy, it teases the palate just as it pleases it.

Patra@Thacker’s, Girgaon Chowpatty

Even though Gujarat has a considerable coastline, it mostly, remains a vegetarian state. That’s not all, Gujarat is host to four cuisines hailing from the different regions such as Kathiawad, Kutch, Northern Gujarat and Surat. With distinct flavours and recipes in all cuisines some are relatively better known. Patra, a stack of colacasia leaves cemented with rice and lentil spice mix spiraled is steamed and then fried. Usually served as an appetizer it’s relished by everyone and it doubles up as a snack too!

Dal Makhani@Pratap Da Dhaba, Andheri West


What can you say about the food in a state known as the ‘Food bowl of India’? Punjab being a highly agrarian state has a robust yet rustic cuisine. The food is replete with butter and cream , Dal Makhani being an apt example. Slow cooked whole black lentils and cream which blends together seamlessly into a bowl (or two) of comforting almost life saving nirvana that you’d relish with a paratha.

Paya Shorba@Gallops, Mahalaxmi Race Course

Paaya Shorba

Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, drenched in opulence still echoes the lovely culinary traditions in the Hyderabadi cuisine. Paya Shorbas is a comforting lamb trotter broth that warms you up just when you need it. A subtly spiced and delicately flavoured, this soup that also doubles as a remedy to the ones who need to heal.

Thukpa@New Sernyaa, Andheri

When someone usually speaks about Indian cuisine we probably think about curry and Tandoori chicken. Not very far, in the North East, the seven sisters such as Assam, Sikkim et al. These cuisines lay unexplored and Thukpa is one such dish from Sikkimese cuisine. A hearty broth made with noodles, vegetables and meat; simple nourishing and delicious it’s relished by all.

Images for representational purposes only.

Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza 

Know Your Food: Japanese Cuisine Explained

Japan is an abundance of gastronomical delights, not just Sushi you know?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says Japanese food? Sushi? No doubt it’s one of the most famous dishes of the cuisine but there’s more to the cuisine than just that. Simple, minimal, refined and vibrant are some adjectives we can associate with this cuisine which uses fresh ingredients, which the chefs and cooks do as little as they can in order to retain the original flavours and textures.

Sushi (Soo-shee)

Sushi Boat
Sushi Boat with Norimaki and Nigirizushi at Umame, Mumbai

You can’t talk about Japanese food and not mention Sushi. It’s amazing how this humble dish evolved from a mere method of preserving fish to being a symbol of Japanese cuisine, all across the planet.

Aromatic balls of sticky rice adorned with seaweed and sliced fish, this healthy dish is more diverse than what one can think. Traditionally, there are four types of sushi: Nigiri which is small balls of rice shrouded with fish, Gunkar is a cup-like sushi made of dried seaweed and rice, Norimaki is sticky rice and fish or vegetable rolled, and Temaki is hand-rolled sushi in a conical shape.

Relish an array of this delicacy in

Okonomiyaki (O-ko-nomi-yaa-ki)

A delectable mini meal: Okonomiyaki
A delectable mini meal: Okonomiyaki

Ever heard of Japanese pancakes? Yes, they’re real and delicious too! Okonomiyaki, literally translates to ‘what you liked grilled’ and it can safely be called the Japanese equivalent of a pancake.

A dish that originally started as a dessert made for Buddhist ceremonies , Funoyaki in the 1600s has come a long way to being a savoury pancake. Loaded with meat, veggies and seafood with a liberal use of sauces, it makes for a flavourful and filling mini-meal.

Chow down your Okonomiyaki in

Tempura (Tem-poo-ra)

An ensemble of textures: Tempura
An ensemble of textures: Tempura

If you say fried food is greasy, you should probably get your hands on a plate of Tempura – a fritter of meat or vegetables made in a light batter.

The finesse in making a plateful involves ensuring the correct temperature for the inside to be cooked well whilst the batter outside stays crispy. Light on the palate, a well-made Tempura is nothing like the greasy fried chicken you get at the fast food joints but it is just as delicious!

Bite into your crispy tempura at

Udon at Kofuku Image used for representational purpose only
Udon at Kofuku Image used for representational purpose only

What do you crave when it is cold and dark outside? A comforting bowl of broth with noodles that you swirl around your fork and slurp on. Udon is a thick wheat noodle usually served in a broth with Tempura is a Japanese favourite and it’s just as comforting in India too!

Savour a bowl of hearty Udon

Sashimi (Sa-see-me)

As decadent as it is stunning: Sashimi
As decadent as it is stunning: Sashimi

Does raw food make you cringe? Have a look at a well-made Sashimi plate and you’ll be in love with it. Sashimi is raw or blanched seafood thinly sliced and served with dipping sauces. The chefs who make Sashimi do so with great care to ensure no bones remain as the dish is served and there’s nothing fishy about it!

Devour this delicacy in

Gyoza (Guh-yo-ja)

food festivals in Mumbai
Once tasted, you can’t have enough: Gyoza

Who says war only makes history? Sometimes, it also conceives good food; during the Sino-Japanese War, the Japanese soldiers during their occupation in Manchuria, adopted the Chinese Jioazi dumpling and brought it back home. That’s where the classic Japanese Gyoza hail from; usually filled with seasoned minced meat this bundle of goodness can be made three ways: Yaki Gyoza (pan-fried), Sui Gyoza (boiled/steamed) and Age Gyoza (deep fried).

Savour these in

Yakitori (Yak-ee-to-ree)

A delicious snack: Yakitori

Literally translates to grilled chicken on a stick, Yakitori is a bar favourite. Juicy succulent pieces of chicken are seasoned with salt, skewered and grilled. It isn’t only a delicious drinking snack, it doubles up as a snack on-the-go too!

Snack on some Yakitori as you sip on cold glass of beer or Sake in

Bento (Ben-toe)

A well balanced meal in a box: Bento Box
A well balanced meal in a box: Bento Box

With the passage of time Japanese food has evolved and for everybody who thinks lunch boxes are boring, you’ve probably never heard of a Bento Box. Healthy and delicious, it is a flavorful ensemble of meat, seafood, vegetables, rice and pickles. Covering almost all the food groups this isn’t only a nutritious meal, it is a visual treat too!

Enjoy a nutritious meal in

Teppanyaki (Te-panya-ki)
The word Teppanyaki literally translates to ‘grilling on an iron plate’, this may seem like a rather simple name but don’t let that mislead you! Chefs exhibit their art in a live kitchen with a culinary-theatrical performance with staples such as Soba or Udon and meat. Just like Gyoza, Teppanyaki is a recent addition; just after World War II with the advent of Japanese Steakhouse.

Savour this performance

Tonkatsu (Ton-ka-tsu)

A snack-any-time plateful of delicious: Tonkatsu
A snack-any-time plateful of delicious: Tonkatsu

Just when you thought that you knew Japanese cuisine, you have another chapter to learn. Katsu is similar to a cutlet or a schnitzel. Thick cuts of meat, usually pork, breaded and deep fried. Served in a rice bowl (Katsudon), as a sandwich (Katsu Sudon) or with curry (Kare Katsu), but it can be savoured just as it is with coleslaw too!

Dig into a crispy Tonkatsu  in


With inputs from Husein Upletawala

Images for representational purposes only. 

Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza

Go To These Cafes On Your Next Date

Find your perfect place for your perfect person!

Bungalow 9, Mumbai

Bungalow 9, Mumbai

In a city like Mumbai, where you’re constantly surrounded by people, Bungalow 9 serves an escape from the never ending traffic jams and the energy that the city endures. This place provides a relaxed tranquil ambiance perfect to have a conversation. You can sip on a cocktail and savour some good food such as a comforting Burmese Khao suey, Arrancini. To ensure a happy ending to your meal try their Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Ice cream.

Koyla, Mumbai

Koyla, Mumbai

Koyla located in Colaba, has an entrance through a dingy building, but don’t let that fool you. Perched atop a building, the seating in their spacious cabanas comes with stunning views. Sit here as you savour some delectable kebabs and aromatic biryani as the cool breeze adds to the ambiance, even in the humid summers!

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, Delhi

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

Where do you take your darling when the Capital city endures the daily mundane chaos? Leave it and take your significant other to Lodi – The Garden Restaurant situated in Lutyen’s Delhi. Surrounded by lush greenery it’s the city’s favourite al fresco restaurant. Sit here during the cosy winter afternoons and bite into healthy Avocado and Prawn Salad and French Onion Soup. For those with slightly bigger appetite, their Lamb Ragu Lasagna or Honey Ginger Pork Ribs are a must-try.

Olive Bistro, Hyderabad

Olive Bistro, Hyderabad

Perched on Jubilee hills, Olive Bistro is a rustic place for a date away from the city, where you unwind and rekindle your love. Sit here to find the sweeping panoramic views of Hyderabad as you bite into some delicious gourmet pizzas or choose from a variety of pasta they serve.

Paasha – JW Marriot, Pune

Paasha - J W Marriot, Pune
Paasha – J W Marriot, Pune

Want to take her on a date that takes her breath away? Head to Paasha at JW Marriot. This rooftop restaurant offers some breath-taking views of the city’s skyline while offering some great food. Spend some quality time here as you sip on delicious cocktails and bite into some authentic delights such as Resham Seekh Kaksh, Daal Paasha and Halwa.

The Biker’s Café, Kolkata

The Biker's Cafe, Kolkata
The Biker’s Cafe, Kolkata

Remember your college days when you’d set off on impromptu bike trips? Miss being young, together? Head to The Biker’s Café that celebrates the exact same spirit with that much needed break from the urban jungle. Come here to savour some delicious Chicken Wings, creamy Pasta in White Sauce. If you want to keep it light, try their minimalistic Aglio Olio.

Blue & Beyond – Hotel Lindsay, Kolkata

Blue & Beyond, Kolkata

Want her to remember a date for a long time until it becomes a happy memory? Blue & Beyond at Hotel Lindsay is your place. Especially designed for couples seeking respite from the city, this restaurant comes with an artificial lake surrounded by lush greenery. Take a stroll by the lake and settle into the evening as you bite into some Chicken Teriyaki and sip on a good old glass of Screw Driver.

Bay View – Vivanta by Taj, Chennai

Bay View – Vivanta by Taj, Chennai

In a coastal city, what’s better than a date by the sea? Located at the Coromandel Coast, Bay View at Vivanta by Taj provides one with sweeping views of the horizon and salty sea breeze.  The cuisine here celebrates local seafood in dishes like Fried Nethli and Beer Battered Calamari.

Food & Much More: Go To These Cafes For An Experience!

Cafes aren’t only about coffee and food, you know?

 Prithvi Café, Mumbai

Drama and food, what else does one need to unwind? Not far from Juhu beach, amidst several buildings, this café is just next to the iconic Prithvi theatre. Chow down some yummy Spaghetti Aglio Olio or Parathas with the lovely Sulemani Chai or a thick Bailey’s Irish Shake as you catch up on the theatre.

Tihar Food Court, Delhi
Ever wondered what lies behind the high fenced walls of a prison? Ever imagined a prison like it’s shown in the movies? Here’s your chance to have a one-on-one interaction with an inmate while you chow down some great food. Intriguing how this lovely eatery is set in the sprawling Tihar (Asia’s largest) Jail complex. Even though it’s not exactly a café, it is a one-of-a-kind place in itself that serves some delicious comfort food made by the inmates such as Papdi Chat.

The Biker’s Café, Kolkata

The Biker's Cafe, Kolkata
The Biker’s Cafe, Kolkata

Remember your college days when you’d set off on impromptu bike trips? The Biker’s Café celebrates the exact same spirit where the bike rides are liberated and provide us with that much needed break from the urban jungle. Come here to savour some delicious Chicken Wings, creamy Pasta in White Sauce or if you want to be simple on your palate, try their minimalistic Aglio Olio.

The Yoga House, Mumbai
The name says it, doesn’t it? Based on the concept that Yoga is one of the most important Indian inheritance and a way of life, this café hosts Yoga sessions and offers an array of healthy food, based on the ancient dietary wisdom. Once here, chow down some wholesome vegetarian fare like hearty Millet Burger or an uber healthy Quinoa Upma and wash it down with Pink Juice a mix of pomegranate, water melon and rose water.

The Brooklyn Shuffle Diner, Pune

The Brooklyn Shuffle Diner, Pune

Ever wondered if life in The Big Apple is any different from life in Pune? To check this, step out and head to The Brooklyn Shuffle Bar. Walls of this café are adorned with blue and white colours and American murals that add to the theme. A visit here is your culinary ticket to the United States. The menu here comprises of classic American food such as juicy burgers and delicious cocktails such as Cold War, classic American isn’t it?

CICLO Café, Chennai

Ciclo Cafe. Chennai

Bicycles remind us of childhood when we first learnt to ride and compete with our siblings or friends. Ciclo Café is a bicycle themed café, a rage in European countries, yet one of its kinds in India. Intriguing and nostalgic this café serves a tiny bread basket which comes with a tiny bicycle in its front. Visit this café on your bicycles and warm up with some yummy tomato soup with undertones of basil.

Cable Car Café, Bangalore

Cable Car Cafe, Bangalore

Ever wondered how a cable car ride would be in case you haven’t been in one? Head to the Cable Car Café in Bangalore and you’ll experience it firsthand. Plunge into an array of pure vegetarian Indian and Italian delicacies at this café. Try their lovely gourmet pizzas and mouthwatering parathas or chat over a plate of Chat-e-Khas.

Ohri’s Gufaa, Hyderabad
Fancy a meal in the cave? Ohri’s Gufaa in Hyderabad is just your place. The place is so well designed it looks as though it was a set from a Wes Anderson movie. True to its nature they serve you some delicious Indian fare to gorge on to. Try the yummy Chaman Curry with a Mint Paratha or bite into some juicy and succulent Prawn Mehrunissa.

Food Trends We Hope To See In 2017

Move over 2016, but let these food trends stayback!

The year seems to have passed like a blink of the eye but there’s much more to it than just Trump winning the election and the Brexit. There are food that evolved, trends that made it big and some that subsided over the year. Here are some we hope to stay around even in the New Year.

Nostalgia Driven Comfort Food 

Skewers Ke Bacho at Hitcki, Fort

Food has always fascinated us, especially how rewarding or comforting it can be. While this has a complex science behind it, food that gets one nostalgic is something that seems to be a trend catching up soon. Hitchki is one such place that gets you nostalgic with their custom postcards that you can send loved ones and eats that take you back in time.

Creative Cakes

Now, this trend has been around for a while, having said many a bakeries or cakeries, that so have established their footholds are now freely letting the creative juices flow and being experimental with their cakes.

Extreme Indulgences 

Milkshake at 145, Kalaghoda

Who said less is more? It’s time that more is less. Freak shakes and Death Wings are among the things that take your palate to an extreme taste. This trend din’t start in 2016 but it sure did find itself in a lot of restaurants and cafes.

Japanese Food


Japanese cuisine has been savored by the patrons for a while now, but  it is only recent that new eateries this lovely cuisine beyond Sushi and the new Izakayas (Japanese casual dining restaurants) along with the delivery places are changing the scene

Local Produce

Chettinad Prawns “Ali-Yolio at The Bombay Canteen

The Farm-to-Table trend has been growing and we think that it’ll sustain in 2017. We sure do enjoy our Norwegian Salmon and Wasabi but it’s only recent that we’ve started to relish local produce. With adherents such as Chef Thomas Zacharias of The Bombay Canteen, we see this trend blossoming. Another such example is The Table, they grow their veggies at a farm on the outskirts of the city.



Party Over Here: New Year’s Eve Parties You Shouldn’t Miss!

Celebrate yet another trip around the sun at these places!

Asilo, St Regis

It’s that time of the year to put on your best clothes on and your best foot forward and let your hair down. Here are some of the most surreal parties in town.


The Penthouse Party@Exo, St. Regis

Penthouse Party at Exo, St Regis

Bid adieu to 2016 and bring in the New Year with a bash at one of the most sought after parties in town: The Penthouse Party, Exo at St Regis. Savour great food from a curated menu as you sip on some eclectic beverages and dance the night away!

New Year’s Eve@The Spare Kicthen


The Spare Kitchen, Worli

When you say The Spare Kitchen, a New Year’s Eve celebration here is synonymous with good times. Cherish the last couple of moments with the ones you love over great food and drinks. Book yours here


Winter Wonderland@24/7-The Lalit, New Delhi


Bring in the New Years with a ‘Winter Wonderland’ themed celebration at The Lalit amidst the finely curated menu replete with exquisitely crafted food and beverages. Grab your passes to this now!

Moonlight Party@Cafe Immigrant

Cafe Immigrant

Even fancied a party under the glistening moonlight? Head to Cafe Immigrant, this New Year’s Eve for an experience you won’t forget. Gear up for 2017 as you dance the night away, but first book your tickets here.


Midnight Shenanigans@The Flying Saucer Bar

The Flying Saucer Sky Lounge, Pune

As the clock strikes midnight, bring in the coming year at The Flying Saucer Sky Lounge while drenched in lights, sipping on your favourite cocktails and sampling some delicious food. Book yours here.


The High Life@Equinox Bar Double Tree Suites by Hilton

Equinox Bar at Doubletree Suites by Hilton

Imagine a lovely night spent having a good time as you step into the next year with sweeping views of Bangalore skyline. Spend your new year’s eve doing just that at the Equinox Bar. Be a part of it, reserve your table now!!


White Night@Splash, Swissotel


New Year’s Eve spent here is a night remembered to cherish. Sit in one of the spacious and airy cabanas in high spirits as your devour food from an elaborate Gala Buffet. What’s more? Live belly dance performance by artistes! Book your passes here now!!! 

Go To These Places On Your Next Date!

Find your perfect place for your perfect person!


Prithvi Cafe, Juhu
What’s a date without a little drama? Adjacent to the iconic Prithvi theatre at Juhu, this Cafe is perfect for a little drama (literally). Cherish a languid afternoon or a relaxed night watching theatre performances and good food.

The Table, Colaba


For the perfect time with a special one, this split level restaurant comes with menu to pander to what you crave! While the lower level works for meal with family and friends, the mezzanine floor encases charm where cupid is just ready to unleash his arrow at you!

Photo Credit: The Table

Pali Village Café, Bandra


In a busy Bandra lane swarmed with people, Pali Village Cafe is your escape into a pleasant and cosy ambiance. Break free from the crowd and cherish a time that goes on to become a memory!

Bungalow 9, Bandra


In a city like Mumbai, where you’re constantly surrounded by people Bungalow 9 serves an escape from the never ending traffic jams and the energy that the city endures. A relaxed tranquil ambience is perfect to have a conversation as you sip on a cocktail and savour some good food.

Silver Beach Café, Juhu


A long walk by the sea followed by an array of gastronomic delights, doesn’t that sound like a picture perfect date? This cozy little cafe is nestled not very far from Silver Beach and it has a lovely ambiance. If you ask what’s so romantic about this place, it’s the table drenched in the warm light of the flames dancing atop a candle!

The Tasting Room, Lower Parel

Tucked away on the upper level of Good Earth Store, The Tasting Room has rustic vibe. Throw in a dim light and a soft music playing you’d want to sit snug with your significant other, looking into each other’s eyes and giggling like teenagers!

 Mostly Grills-The Orchid, Vile Parle


Set atop Orchid Hotel, Mostly Grills is suburban restaurant with a lovely view. Have a conversation over a delicious meal as you overlook the airport and the candle light and nestled under the stars in a rather languid Mexican setting.


Chez Moi, Bandra West

This tiny Italian restaurant is located in the back lanes of Bandra Reclamation. Loosely translating to ‘welcome to my home’ stands true to it exudes a homely, rustic yet pleasant ambience. A perfect place to sit snug with your significant other and relish some pasta as you sip on wine.

 Koyla, Colaba


Koyla is actually quite famous in Colaba, the entrance to this hotel is through a dingy building, but don’t let that fool you. Perched atop a building, the seating in their spacious cabanas comes with a stunning views. Sit here as you savour some delectable kebabs as the cool breeze adds to the ambiance, even in the humid summers!

 Ellipsis, Colaba


Ellipsis is an elegant dining space by the day and a trendy space with a great vibe by the night. Even though the chic restaurant serves Modern American food, their menu is always a work in progress which means that they have a daily menu! So, steal her away from the world bring her here on a date and let the food surprise you!

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Eat. Write. Burrp! Repeat.

Cover Photo Credits: Prithvi Theatre