7 Best Bars From Around The Country

Because all work and no play makes Jack (and everyone else) a dull boy!

The weekend finally, beckons us. Yes! It’s time to drink it up and let the shenanigans begin. We’re not saying that these places are only for the weekend, but since we’re here and we l Here’s a list of bars from around the country for you.

The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai

The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai

Back in the day when The Bar Stock Exchange was first opened in the city, we were intrigued. A borrowed concept and drinks at fluctuating, turns out is a great recipe for becoming one of Mumbai’s Best Bars & Pubs. While you’re here we’d suggest you keep a close eye on the screens showing the price and munch on some delicious Chicken Tikka Cigars or mouth watering Pizzas.

Hard Rock Café, Bangalore


Hard Rock Cafe is an amalgam of great food beverages and quality service and ambiance. It’s Bangalore is something that puts three of these together seamlessly. Great food, good music and an ambiance that’s perfect for you to being your shenanigans, no wonder Hard Rock Café is voted the Best Bar & Pub in Bangalore by our voters. Head here for their next gig and while you’re at it, try their Tandoori chicken Satay or 6 oz Chicken Burger.

Radio Room, Chennai

Radio Room, Chennai

When we asked our voters in Chennai for their favourite Bar & Pub, Radio Room emerged victorious. As you walk into this place, you’re hit with a grunge vibe and see Jimi Hendrix stare back at you. This place is a great place not only for the ambiance but for music too! Groove to the tunes of Mike Posner, Micheal Jackson and Jimi Hendrix to make your weekend count. To keep you going while you groove Spinach and Artichoke Tarts or Bacon and Cheese Fondue. Well, Chennai sure knows how to tune into the right frequency!

The High Spirits Café, Pune

The High Spirits Café, Pune
The High Spirits Café, Pune

What else can you say about a bar when the name says it all? The High Spirits Café is voted amongst the Best Bars in Pune. From the Adarsh Balak murals to unique cocktails such as Jack’s Love – a whisky based cocktail with passion fruit, lemon and berry juice; everything about this place makes it the ultimate destination to bring in the weekend or celebrate!

 Hauz Khas Social, Delhi
Ever since social offline has mushroomed in different cities, it has had something unique for every city. At Hauz Khas Social, which is spread over two floors sees the same. They probably believe that all work  and no play makes jack a dull boy so it seems to have two phases; it opens at 9 and hosts people who use it as a co working space, post  6 pm it’s flocked by youngsters and becomes more vibrant! We’d recommend: Fish and Chips, Cosmos, Fully Loaded Nachos and if you’re up for something fiery try their death wings.

Hoppipola, Hyderabad


For everyone living in a metro city, everyone has heard of Hoppipola if not visited them. From the reasonable priced food and beverages to board games and delicious food, they have something for everybody. What we love this place are the chalkboard tables that allow you scribble, play tic tac toe while you wait for your orders.

Chilli’s Grill & Bar, Kolkata

Chilli’s Grill & Bar, Kolkata
Chilli’s Grill & Bar, Kolkata

We asked our readers to vote for their favourite Bar in the city; turns out Chili’s Grill & Bar located in Ballygunge has stood testimony to Kolkata’s night life.  Usually known for their continental cuisine, we’d recommend Bacon and Cheddar Steak and some Wildberry Margarita to wash it down!

Razzberry Rhinoceros Is Finally Open And We Love The New Avatar

Last year whilst we were heartbroken that Blue Frog closed its doors, news of Razzberry Rhinoceros making a comeback did the rounds. This year finally, after a whole long decade the erstwhile ‘band launchpad’, has opened its doors to the city!

We walked through the promenade and started by taking a short but lovely tour of the place. Spread over patio, deck, bistro, bar and an exclusive member’s-only area this lovely restaurants seems to have something for everyone.

Spacious deck at Razzberry Rhinoceros
Spacious deck at Razzberry Rhinoceros

The deck has a wooden flooring, faux cane furniture and statuesque cabanas draped in white. The Razz Bar flaunts a new age decor done up in charcoal black and lights that we loved! In the loft just above Razz Bar, is an exclusive member’s only area that overlooks the Arabian Sea. Done up in colonial style and in shades of light teal, brown and black, it has a very British post-dinner-Brandy-and-Cigar-room vibe. While going back to the deck, Nitin Tiwari, Director Razzberry Rhinoceros showed some photos at the stairway and said, “This place retains its former structure, nothing has changed since 1959”. He also added, “While reinventing this place, we imagined what it would be like if it wasn’t shut down and made it exactly like that” says Nitin Tiwari.

Razzberry Rhinocores
Razzberry Rhinoceros

After the tour, we settled on the deck, because who can resist the stunning view and the salty sea breeze? We started our culinary sojourn here with Sweet Lime & Sage cocktail from the ‘Root to Fruit’. Any dish on this menu uses fresh ingredients from the roots to the fruits and hence the name. Beetroot Wasabi Hummus was a lovely start to our meal here. The supple hummus had the much needed (but less experimented) wasabi in it. We were also served Kasundi Prawns which was another delight. Split in the centre, crunchy prawns were mildly spiced and robust.

Chunky Tomato Soup and Green Peas Shorba were next.

Chunky Tomato Soup

The ensemble of this soup was complete with the Lima beans and a slice of toasted bread. What we loved about the tomato soup was the dramatic contrast of the bright red and the shiny white bowl. Tangy, fiery and red the soup was served with toasted bread slathered with a robust aglio olio paste. The Green Pea Shorba was a comforting concoction, even on a sunny day.

As the sun perched over our heads and the mercury rose, we moved to the Bistro. Now, this part of Razz is designed to be a co-working space with Wi-Fi and a dedicated coffee and wine bar. The monochrome decor, goes in sync with the vibe and the paintings that add just the much needed spunk.

Lamb Seekh Kebab
Lamb Seekh Kebab

Our appetisers were Butter Fried Chicken, Lamb Seekh Kebab and Veg Galouti. The chicken was cooked just right in a creamy marinade. It came with a liberal garnishing of crunchy fried curry leaves. The Galouti kebabs melted in my mouth just as they were supposed to. We loved the presentation of the Lamb Seekh Kebabs that came in a pressing iron. It was lusciously tender minced meat in a beautiful spice with a smoky taste adding to the flavours.

We were also served Raaz Sour along with Rhino Daiquiri, their take on the standard cocktails. We loved how they had infused the spirit with fruity raspberry whilst retaining its distinct flavour. Over the cocktails we conversed with Nitin and Nirveen. “We’re also introducing a student menu. Very soon we’ll also have Zumba and Yoga sessions on the lawns” says Nitin, “it used to be a launch pad for bands but it’ll have something for everyone now”.

Pork Curry with Apple Couscous
Pork Curry with Apple Couscous

Next came Mixed Vegetable Tagine with couscous and Pork Curry with Apple Couscous. We loved the well cooked vegetables in a dense gravy. Pork curry, on the other hand was packed with intense flavours. Juicy chunks of pork shoulder are brined overnight in a secret spice mix. We loved the dense curry, but the pork was slightly chewy. It reminded us of the spicy Goan Pork Vindaloo. We also tried their Kucchi Yahkni Biryani, an ensemble of long grained aromatic basmati rice, delicately flavoured meat and condiments.

Kucchi Yahkni Biryani
Kucchi Yahkni Biryani

Our favourite cocktail on the menu was the Cold Brew Old Fashion. A lovely refreshing melange of flavours where the coffee, smoky whiskey and zesty orange together complemented the strong smooth flavours whilst retaining their individual intrinsic flavours.

Mango Expressions and Pink Peppercorn Mousse
Mango Expressions and Pink Peppercorn Mousse

Our dessert was Mango Expressions and Pink Peppercorn Mousse. Now, we expected Kulfi on a stick but when it was served, we were quite surprised. Cubes of raw mango kulfi with pieces of raw mango broke the monotony of supple consistency of the kulfi. This was served to us with juicy cubes of mango, mango puree and rolled up aam papad. As rightly put by the chef, we explored all the textures and flavour of the king of the fruits. The Pink Peppercorn Mousse was served with passion fruit curd and chocolate soil. It was another excellent dessert that played dramatically with textures, shapes and our palate.

We took a walk along the deck and the lawn, taking in the stunning view, the profound beauty of the beaches, the endless sea and the horizon that had just flaunted streaks of amber as the sun set. ‘We’re happy that Razz is back to the Mumbai scene. It’s come a long way from serving just daal khichdi and sandwiches to an exhaustive curated menu spanning over five seating areas. Razz’s history and iconic status is known to most of us, but we also, dig the new avatar. It really has something for everyone.

Picture Credits: Cryselle D’souza

6 Places in Mumbai To Celebrate Navroze With Great Food

Have your bhonu and eat it too!

This Parsi New Year, don’t hassle your Parsi friends for some delicious food. What else to do for your fix of food you’d ask? Here’s presenting to you a list of places serving mouth watering Parsi food.

The Bombay Havelli, Charni Road

Mr Batliwala’s Veg Dhansak
Mr Batliwala’s Veg Dhansak

What if we were to tell you that this haveli serves Parsi food too? Head to The Bombay Havelli for some mouthwatering Mr Batliwala’s Patra ni Machi and Mr Batliwala’s Veg Dhansak. Even though vegetarian, they’re just as wholesome and authentic.

Britannia & Co, Fort

Berry Pulao
Berry Pulao

Unless you’re new to the city, you’ve heard of Britannia & Co. Head to this iconic restaurant in town that has seen three generations of authentic Parsi and Irani food such as the famous Berry Pulao, Saas ni Macchi amongst others.

Billimoria’s Parsi Ghernu Bhonu, Oshiwara

Chicken Dhansak
Chicken Dhansak

This delivery kitchen  gets you some homemade, wholesome and hearty Parsi food like Sali Par eedu or Chiken Dhansak and finish the meal with a traditional Bread Pudding. Their menu changes daily and repeats weekly so make sure you order or pre order your favourite delicacies from here.

Bawi Bride, Dadar

Salli Boti
Salli Boti

Parsi cuisine perfectly braids together the best of Iranian, Gujarati, British and even Portuguese, Goan influences. Bawi Bride manages to get the essence of this unique cuisine just right. Binge onto some delicious Dhansak, Patra Ni Machi, Tareli Machi and Kolmi no Patio amongst others.

Dinshaw’s Xpress Café, Oshiwara

Kheema Pao
Kheema Pao

If you crave Parsi food but cringe to travel all the way to town? Worry not! Get your fix from Dinshaw’s Xpress Café at Oshiwara. Known for their burgers and freakshakes, they’re hosting a special menu which includes Chicken Farcha, Keema Pattice, Cutlet pao, et al.

Jimmy Boy, Fort


Head to Jimmy Boy for some authentic Parsi Food revered by all. Sample some of the delicious Lagan nu Bhonu which comes replete with a couple of courses such as Patra ni Machi, Dhansak with Brown Rice, Dal Chawal with Kolmi no Patio, et al.

Images for representational purposes only.

Photo credits: Cryselle D’souza and Deep Chhabra

Veg Vs Non Veg: 5 Dishes That Are Just As Awesome

Because the struggle is real…

Don’t you just despise it when your non vegetarian friends get to eat all sorts of dishes while you’re nibbling on your paneer or tofu? Here’s presenting to you a list of vegetarian dishes that are just as good, if not better than the non-vegetarian counterparts.

Mr Batliwala’s Patra Ni Paneer@The Bombay Havelli, Charni Road

Mr Batliwala’s Patra Ni Paneer at The Bombay Havelli
Mr Batliwala’s Patra Ni Paneer at The Bombay Havelli

We’ve all had that Parsi friend who’s been subject to demands of your Parsi food cravings, sometimes even blackmail. Head to The Bombay Havelli at Charni Road for your fix of Patra Ni Paneer. Cottage cheese comes neatly wrapped in leaves enveloped in the green marinade and steamed just enough for it to be tender and slightly succulent. If this doesn’t count as a vegetarian (read: meatless or better) version of Patra Ni Machi, I don’t know what is!

Crispy Aromatic Mock Duck@Umame, Churchgate
Ever wondered what a duck tastes like? Umame at Churchgate is the place to try it out sans the guilt. Done just as beautifully as an actual duck, the Crispy Aromatic Mock Duck is served with Mandarin Pancakes and Hoisin Sauce.

Soya Keema Tikka Burger@Above & Beyond, Andheri

Soya Keema Tikka Burger at Above & Beyond
Soya Keema Tikka Burger at Above & Beyond

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Luscious patties sandwiched into a bun with some crunchy lettuce, it’s appetizing and appealing. Soya keema tikki burger mocks the spicy, flavourful mutton keema which is prepared using an authentic and traditional recipe. The mouth watering mock patty is just as good as any other non vegetarian version. This hearty burger is made using fresh ingredients and makes for a rather healthy choice!

Eggplant Schintzel@Imbiss, All Outlets
Who could’ve possibly thought of this? The ‘meating joint’ famous for it’s Chorizo Rice, Beef Burgers and Bratwursts serves a humble yet comforting Eggplant Schnitzel for the rather rare vegetarian patrons. Slices of eggplant (aubergine or brinjal) are crumbed and fried until crisp golden.

Mock Butter Chicken Ravioli@TAG, Lower Parel

Mock Butter Chicken Ravioli at TAG
Mock Butter Chicken Ravioli at TAG

Butter Chicken is probably that one dish every non vegetarian loves, but who knew that the one at TAG would be even better? This is one dish that sees an amalgam of cuisines. It also has lip smacking vegetarian Butter Chicken too! Confused? It’s just the good Soy chicken tikkas in a whole wheat pasta dough with kale saag, methi tempura and makhani sauce. This one is Chef Ranveer Brar’s take on mock meat ravioli served in an Indian twist.

5 ‘Purr’fect Pet Friendly Places You Must Visit

Next time you go out, don’t forget to take your pet along!

You’re leaving for dinner with friends and your little tyke has a forlorn look just as you are about to step out of the door. Can’t really blame them? But what if we told you about the pet friendly restaurants in the city that lets you spend time with your precious one while savoring on a delicious meal? Take your pets along to these places the next time you head out and have a great time!

Zoobar, Vile Parle

Zoobar, Vile Parle

The name says it all, doesn’t it? The décor inside isjust as pet friendly as the name. Watch your pooches run around gleefully and play with some others that come in as you relish some delicious food, and guess what? They have a pet special menu comprising of dog beer, chicken woof woof, paneer steaks amongst others delights. You can now bond with some other pet lovers while their pets make some four legged friends over some delicious pet food.

If you’ve stayed in the city you’ve probably heard about the book café: Leaping Windows. What many of us don’t know is that it also allows you to get along your bundle of joy too! It’s a ‘purr’fect place to grab a piping hot Hazelnut Cappuccino as you read a book and snuggle up with your pet.

Doolally Taproom, Bandra Reclamation

Doolally Taproom, Bandra
Doolally Taproom, Bandra

Do you crave a good pint of beer while you catch up with your awesome pawsome four legged buddy? Head to Doolally Taproom. Ever since they have been in Mumbai, they’ve taken the city by storm one pint at a time. What we absolutely adore about them apart from the beers and House Fries, of course, is that on a languid Sunday afternoon this place will be brimming with the people and pooches.

Tea Trails, Vile Parle

Tea Trails, Vile Parle
Tea Trails, Vile Parle

There are perhaps only a couple of things that are synonymous to sheer joy like spending some time with your dog! Tea Trails, Vile Parle is a café where you can get your puppy too! Here you can grab a green tea, salad or bite to eat while your dog chills out. Places to tie leashes and water bowls are handy to make life easy. So pull up a seat outside and enjoy a cup of tea and home-style food with your fur baby for company.

With a name that loosely translates to your house and two adorable frisky Rottweiler puppies at the entrance; you know you’re in the right place with your pet! This newly opened Bandra restaurant is a place with ample space and even al fresco dining area making it great for a relaxed Sunday afternoon with your little four-legged love bug.

The House, Versova

The House, Versova

Looking for a home away from home? Located in the heart of Versova is a cozy restaurant & bar that stays true to its name, The House. This bungalow-turned-restaurant setting goes along with the casual, relaxed vibe, thus making it a perfect opportunity for you and your furry to rekindle the friendship. You’d want to be comfortable as soon as you set your foot inside. Relish some hearty salad and play with your pet at this lovely restaurant that accommodates humans and their best friends too!

5 Delicious Treats To Try This Holi

Pink faces, red hands and green noses, the vibrant festival of colours beckons us to splash colours and have a good time with the ones we love. So, we thought, why not list some fun things happening around the city?

Gulkand Thandai @The Bombay Havelli, Charni Road

Gulkand Thandai at The Bombay Havelli
Gulkand Thandai at The Bombay Havelli

If you’ve passed from outside of Charni Road Station, you’ve probably seen The Bombay Havelli and they have a special delight for the festival of colours. Earthy, sweet and floral Gulkand (candied rose petals) all amalgamate to manifest into Thandai.

Sweet Treats@Govinda’s, Girgaon Chowpatty

Phirni at Govinda’s

Ever fancied being in Mathura on Holi? Worry not! Govinda’s has you covered, well, at least with the food.  Head to Govinda’s and indulge in dishes like Dahi Bhalle, Puran Puri, Corn Sev Puri and desserts like Doodhi Halwa, Gujia and Phirni. Wash this delightful feast down with Kairi Jaljeera.

Thandai Ice cream@Papacream, Churchgate

Thandai Ice cream at Papacream
Thandai Ice cream at Papacream

This Holi, have your Thandai and eat it too! Papacream’s Thandai Ice cream, infused with cardamom and saffron and topped with a light sprinking of almonds, rose petals and pistachios, is perfect for your after Holi binge! You can get your dose of this leafy Mukhwaas with Gulkand, all in a scoop of frozen delight! Sure to please, this flavour is perfect for those who can’t do without their Kolkata Meetha Paan

Holi Brunch@Four Points by Sheraton, Navi Mumbai

Holi Brunch at Four Points by Sheraton, Navi Mumbai

Holi is a day to immerse yourself in the merriment and joy of colours as good wins over evil. So don’t hold yourself back and come over and enjoy this festival to the hilt by relishing an authentic brunch at Four Points by Sheraton, Navi Mumbai. From sparkling cocktails and cold Thandai to Puran Polis and Rasmalais, dig into some festive delights as you savour some decadent food.

Chuski Shots@Mumbai Vibe, Khar

Chuski Shots at Mumbai Vibe
Chuski Shots at Mumbai Vibe

If you think Thandai and Gujiya is old school, you should probably head to one of the newest restaurants in town and try some Chuski Shots. Frozen centres doused in flavours such as Kokum, Peach and Khus, Blueberry and the classic Kala Khatta. And guess what? You can add a spirit of your choice too! Relive your childhood memories whilst you celebrate the festival of colours.

With inputs from Neil Mundhe

9 Delivery Kitchens To Your Rescue The Next Time Your Tummy Grumbles

Because the struggle is real…

Imagine coming home after a long day, famished, do you wish to order the usual mundane meal from the restaurant just around the corner? Nah! We’ve listed a couple of places that dish out delicious fresh food and deliver it too.

The Bohri Kitchen

Bohri Dum Biryani from The Bohri Kitchen
Bohri Dum Biryani from The Bohri Kitchen

We’ve all had that Bohri friend who’d get us our share of biryani, The Bohri Kitchen comes to your rescue when you crave some. Luscious meat, slow cooked in spice mix with aromatic basmati rice makes for a wonderful meal. Feast on the Bohri Dum Biryani and Mutton Samosas to save yourself from the hunger pang!

Tao 9

Shrimp Har Gao Dumplings from Tao 9

Often crave Asian comfort food?  There’s Tao 9 to your rescue. They deliver some yummy eats such as Shrimp Har Gao Dumplings and Lemon Coriander Soup amongst others. Comforting and delicious, they will surely save you from the blues!


Chicken Bhuna Biryani from Umraan
Chicken Bhuna Biryani from Umraan

Sometimes, after a long day all you crave is a meal from the royal kitchen. This is when you call Umraan, known for their rice bowls and Biryani they serve Indian food with a modern twist. Try their delicious Videsi Chicken or Chicken Bhuna Biryani. You could also savour some of their signature offering such as Yenna Chicken, Chicken Bhuna Biryani, Paneer Pataka, Berry Rasmalai, et al

Indizza – The Delivery Kitchen

Basil Chicken Tikka from Indizza – The Delivery Kitchen

If you seek some wholesome Indian food, Indizza is a place you should be ordering from. Tuck in some delicious Tandoori chicken or warm up to some life saving, ultra comforting Daal Khichri. It’s food that makes you feel good, makes you feel happy!

The Curry Brothers

Rassam Risotto from The Curry Brothers
Rassam Risotto from The Curry Brothers

Comforting curry makes for a hearty delicious meal and combine it with a pillow-y soft Pao, what else could you possibly ask for? Dig into a bunch of dishes from The Curry Brothers like Goan Chicken Cafreal or Pork Vindaloo and if you crave something different, tuck into some comforting Rassam Risotto too.

Café Meal Box

Spaghetti Aglio Olio from Café Meal Box
Spaghetti Aglio Olio from Café Meal Box

Fancy a gourmet meal and want it to be delivered? Café Meal Box is the solution. They dish out and deliver some delicious meals like Stroganoff or Spaghetti Aglio Olio which comes with crispy garlic bread. Great food comes at a rather reasonable price and if you want food closer to home, they have an array of Indian meal boxes too!

The Central Kitchen

Butter Chicken

You think ordering in narrows your options? If you’re around Sion, you’re spoilt for choice. The Central Kitchen has an elaborate menu. It comprises of snacks, starters, mains in the Indian and Asian cuisines amongst others. Dig into some good old Chicken Tikka Masala or Butter Chicken or if you’re up for snacks, bite into some nuggets or fries.


Dahi Vada

Gone are the days when you’d pester your Sindhi friends to get you some Arbi Tuk or Sindhi Kadhi. If you crave some, get your fill from the city’s first ever Sindhi food delivery. Their extensive menu offers everything Sindhi from Dahi vada to Koki, Sanna Pakoras and Sai Bhaji with Bhuga Chawal.

Bawi Bride 

Chicken Dhansak with Brown Rice
Chicken Dhansak with Brown Rice

Fancy some delicious Parsi food at home? Place an order with the Bawi Bride Kitchen. Like the name suggests, they serve and deliver some delectable Parsi meals like Dhansak and Lagan nu Bhonu. They deliver from Mahim to Malabar Hill but if you stay further, worry not, they take orders there too!

Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza

6 Seafood Delights That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Nothing fishy about your seafood cravings at month end.

Do you sea food and eat it? We do too, but month-end woes are real. Don’t worry we’ve got your back. We’ve made a list of delicious and reasonably priced seafood delights from around the city.

Prawn Curry and Appam@Apoorva, Fort

Prawn curry and Appam
Prawn curry and Appam

We’ve heard of soul mates? Meet the culinary counter point Prawn Curry and Appam. Located in one by lane at Fort, Apoorva is quiet easy to miss. On a weekday you’ll find this place brimming with people seeking a quick yet comforting lunch and on weekends you’ll find families sharing conversations over meals. Tender fish steeped in the slightly spicy curry with coconut base makes for an aromatic delight; pair this will the soft pillowy Appams and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Mop up the every last bit of it.

Meal for 2: Under Rs. 800

Surmai Thali@Highway Gomantak, Bandra

Surmai Thali
Surmai Thali

Love the Goan fish curry? Head to Highway Gomantak for the taste of their culinary traditions that has stood the test of time for over 20 years. The mildly spiced curry goes well with both, rotis and rice. This simple comfort food you crave when you need it the most. This wholesome meal comes with Sol Kadhi, a drink made with a sour fruit and coconut milk known to aid digestion.

Have this at only Rs 270.

Karimeen Pollichattu@Lalit Refreshments – Taste of Kerala, Fort

Karimeen Pollichattu
Karimeen Pollichattu

We agree it’s a restaurant hard to locate but the efforts are worth it. If you’re in town do not miss out of some delicious Karimeen Pollichattu and other dishes. It hails from Kerala and makes for a perfect dish to eat your roti with. Karimeen, a bony fish is marinated with a sautéed spice mix and wrapped in a banana leaf then cooked until tender. Don’t forget to order for the Kerala style papadam whilst you savour this dish with your Malabar Parotta.

Meal for 2: Under Rs 600

Prawn Thali@Goa Bhavan, Juhu

Prawns Thali

Crave some good old Goan comfort food? Head to a demure restaurant that takes your taste buds to Goa. Relish a Prawn Thali that comes with fried prawns, curry, rice and chapattis. The ultimate comfort food after a long day that soothes your nerves.

Meal for 2: At only Rs 450

Bombil Fry@Chaitanya, Dadar

Bombil Fry
Bombil Fry

What a lot of budget seafood eateries ignore is the delicious Bombil Fry. Head to Chaitanya, a cozy little place not very far from Siddhivinayak Temple. This place has crowds swarming in and out to get their hands on delicious seafood dishes. While you devour some Thali, don’t forget to try their Bombil Fry. A fish native to Mumbai,is batter fried until crisp and golden brown make for a good snack or even an appetizer or side.

Meal for 2: At only Rs 600

Prawns Sukka@Fresh Catch, Mahim
The pelican at the entrance is a reminder of the fresh seafood delights that await inside. This lovely restaurant serves some mouth watering fish preparations, but what we like more is Prawns Sukka. Tender prawns cooked in a feisty sauce give it that kick you need. Pair it with a roti and eat until you pander to all your cravings

Meal for 2: Under Rs 500.

Images for representational purposes only.

Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza

6 Quirky Street Food Dishes That Go Beyond The Usual Ones

Because street food is bae…

Vadapav, Chinese Bhel and Dosa are the usual suspects when we talk street food. We travelled across the city and stumbled on some really unconventional yet delicious dishes to be on your list to try. So, read on and know more about what the street food maximum city has to offer…

Cheese Burst Dosa@Pure Milk Centre, Ghatkopar

Cheese Burst Dosa at Pure Milk Centre
Cheese Burst Dosa at Pure Milk Centre

Are you cheesy just like us? Not the romantic one, but does cheese make you happy? Head to Pure Milk Centre and chow down the Cheese Burst Dosa. Oodles of melted cheese are ladled on your dosa so that you get cheese in every bite! We’re sure you love cheese in your dosa but this takes it to another level all together.

Chicken Vadapav@Balamia Lane, Mahim

Chicken Vada Pav
Chicken Vada Pav

Vadapav has been synonymous to street food in Mumbai but what else can be a variant? We spent some time in the quest and stumbled upon the glorious non vegetarian cousin: Chicken Vadapav! A luscious potato mashed patty has bits of shredded chicken in it sandwiched between a pav laced with spicy chutney, need we say more?

Maggi Pizza@Hungry Head, Powai

Maggi Pizza at Hungry Head
Maggi Pizza at Hungry Head

Maggi is probably the first dish in terms of kitchen experience we’ve all had. This Maggi Pizza has a noodle base with cheese and other toppings. Bite into a crunchy and cheesy Maggi Pizza,a dish that justifies our love for all things junk.

Vitamin Bhel@Soam, Chowpatty

Vitamin Bhel at Soam, Chowpatty

Vitamin and Bhel next to each other, in the same sentence? You read it right! We’re talking about a street food delight that pleases your tummy and tongue both. A mix of sprouts and lentils is laced with yoghurt and green chutney; it’s then tossed with veggies. It sure sounds fun for a humble street side snack.

Chicken Pav Bhaji@Pancho’s Pav Bhaji, Powai


Food, it’s fascinating how it evolves and adapts especially if you see Pav Bhaji. It started off a quick lunch meant for workers that evolved into a street food favourite and then one with chicken. Pancho’s Pav Bhaji is a delivery/ take-out place operating in Powai that dishes out the awesome Chicken Pav Bhaji. If you want to try other variants, they offer some other exciting stuff too!

Pizza Sev Puri@Shreeji Stall, Borivali

Pizza Sev Puri

Love chaat but can’t get enough of Pizza? We’ve found you a dish that combines both which is called Pizza Sevpuri. Flat puris with cheese and spices is heated and you get a mouthful of flavour when you pop one in. Head to Borivali, Shreeji Stall and you’ll find the dish everyone is raving about.

Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza, Rupa Iyer and Ankur Chheda

Know Your Food: Italian Cuisine Explained

Because this rustic cuisine has much more to offer than just pizza

We always think of pizza or pasta when we speak about Italian food, but we’re far from the whole truth. Rustic, simple and fresh, this cuisine finds its roots all the way back to antiquity. It is known for its regional diversity and with Italian food it’s all about the ingredients. So, read on to know more about authentic Italian food and where to find it in this city.



A typical Italian Antipasto (starter), Bruschetta is bread placed on a grill, rubbed with garlic and olive oil. It comes topped with tomato, onions and caramelized balsamic vinegar. Probably one of the most famous dishes, this dish hails from southern Italy.

Bite into some tasty Bruschetta at Quattro Ristorante, Prego – The Westin and Gustoso.

Insalata Capresse

Insalata Capresse or Caprese Salad
Insalata Capresse or Caprese Salad

We know this dish by the name of Capresse Salad and it’s another simplistic yet flavourful salad. Made by sliced Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Basil seasoned with Olive oil, and sometimes even dressed with Balsamic dressing.

Stay healthy with this simple yet flavourful salad at Quattro Ristorante and Trattoria Vivanta by Taj.


Minestrone Soup
Minestrone Soup

On a cold night when it’s freezing outside, warm up to a bowl of Minestrone – a thick soup replete with vegetables.  This soup probably has been around since the Roman Empire and it’s fascinating how, over the years the recipe has adapted to the new times. Currently, classic Minestrone comes with veggies and some pasta too!

Warm up to a bowl of Minestrone at Gustoso and Mockingbird Café Bar



We have chutney and just like us, Italy has Pesto. Now, these two may look similar but they’re actually very different. Pesto is essentially a paste made of pine nuts, basil leaves, parmesan cheese and olive oil. It’s aromatic, rustic and earthy; usually served with pasta; it can also be used as a dip or spread.

Get your pesto fix at Saucery and Café Moshe’s


Tenderloin Carpaccio
Tenderloin Carpaccio

Carpaccio probably is the most recent addition to Italy’s culinary heritage. Usually served as an appetizer, it is was invented in 1950’s and named after Vittore Carpaccio, an Italian painter. A rather discerning delicacy, is made with thinly sliced meat which is usually raw  with seasoning such as lemon, salt or vinaigrette.



Arancini is an appetizer made of deep fried risotto balls and is believed to hail from Sicily after the Arab invaders brought rice to Italy. The name loosely means little oranges and aptly so after what tiny Arancini balls resemble. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside they’re usually filled with tomato sauce, cheese and meat.

Devour these cheesy delights at Prego – The Westin and Farzi Café



Imagine the aroma of freshly baked bread, isn’t it appetizing? Focaccia is flat bread usually made with dough similar to pizza crust and olive oil. This soft and luscious bread comes with toppings such as olives, sundried tomatoes and capers.

Dig into a comforting Focaccia at World Streat Food, The Rolling Pin, Theobroma and Café Moshe’s

Pizza Ai Frutti di Mare

Love seafood? Love pizza? Here’s the Pizza you wouldn’t want to miss. Ai Frutti di Mare is a typical Italian seafood pizza that comes topped with squids, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, caviar, scallops, shellfish, clams, et al.

Relish this delight at Prego – The Westin and Jamie’s Pizzeria by Jamie Oliver


Remember Hot pockets? Slightly similar to those, this Italian street food favourite resembles Spanish Empanadas or Stromboli. Folded over, stuffed with cheese and pizza toppings and then baked. It sure makes for the perfect snack on the go!

Snack on a Calzone at Quattro Ristorante and Café Mangii

Pasta Aglio Olio



When do you call a dish minimalistic? Probably when the preparation only requires five ingredients and yet be extremely delicious. Literally translates to olive oil and garlic, this dish requires patience to infuse the oil with the ingredients. The pasta is then tossed in the oily flavourful sauce and garnished with Parmesan cheese.

Polish off a plateful of this delight at Prithvi Cafe and 145



Rich, creamy and hearty Risotto hails from Milan. Arborio rice  cooked in a dense broth makes for a delicious meal. This dish gets it silky texture from the traditional slow cooking. Wholesome, heart and comforting are just some of the adjectives we think of when someone says Risotto.

Nourish yourself with risotto at Cafe Mangii and The Tasting Room

Panna Cotta


Literally translates to cooked cream in Italian, this no doubt, is a dessert. Originating from Northern Italy, it traditionally is chilled in ramekins and serves with coulis. You know a well-made Panna cotta when it has a supple consistency, it wobbles but stays firm holding its shape.

Scoop up the last bit of Panna Cotta at Mirchi & Mime and The Sassy Spoon



Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. The first ever records of people relishing flavoured ice shavings in Italy date back as much as 3000 BC. Slow churning gives it the creamy consistency and enhances the flavour. Little did we know what used to be just flavoured ice flakes will evolve into an indulgent dessert, we now call Gelato?

Relish a gelato at Gelato Italiano and Amore Gourmet Gelato



Tiramisu literally means pick-me-up in Italian and why not? This decadent dessert is delicately crafted with espresso and kahlua soaked Saviordi biscuits, layered with mascarpone cheese and cocoa. This dessert is relished not only in Italy but across the globe too!

Pick it up and savour a decadent Tiramisu at Trattoria – Vivanta by Taj and Pizza By The Bay

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