5 Perfect Gifts For Your Valentine

Show your love some more love

So you’re all set for your date night tomorrow, but haven’t figured your gift yet? Worry not, just read on and know more about the gifting options to make your date picture perfect!

Natural, Artisanal Hampers by ShopHop


Does your partner make health a priority? You couldn’t go wrong with the ShopHop Valentine’s Day Hamper. What’s ShopHop you’d ask? It’s a portal to all things natural and artisanal. A carefully put together hamper includes Indah Chocolate Bar, Snackible’s Roasted Mexican Chickpeas, Gardner Street Detox Tea and  Neemli Naturals Beer Soap and Scrub amongst others.

Chocolates by ITC Fabelle
Chocolates are probably the first thing that one thinks as a gift for Valentine’s Day and why not? They just make the occasion even more special, but this year gift her a special box of customized box of chocolates from Fabelle the Chocolate Boutique at ITC Grand Central. Surprise them with a box of the exquisite velvety soft cubes of exotic cocoa delicately churned with butter and fresh cream and fade into the sunset with a love song playing in the background…

Marzipans by Nordic Kandie


Marzipans are not only beautiful but delicious too! If your partner has a sweet tooth, head to Nordic Kandie at Peddar Road and get a box of marzipans. Hand made with mamra almonds, they have a special range made just to express how much you love her. Choose from 17 different flavours like almond, cinnamon, raspberry lemon and mint to name a few.  A 100% vegetarian, gluten free and cholesterol free sweet, Nordic Kandie’s special Valentine’s candies have been decorated with all things Heart!

Bartender on Demand by The Daily Bar & Kitchen

So you think chocolates and gifts are a little too mainstream? Get her a bartender on demand. The Daily Bar & Kitchen is offering a sleek takeaway cocktail bottle dressed as a bartender. It is the perfect gift if you’re looking to spend the Valentine’s Day snuggling up on the couch. What’s more you’d ask? It can be personalized and customized to ones taste and alcohol preference.

Bake Me Away at Wisk by Cakesmiths

Donuts at Wisk by Cakesmiths
Donuts at Wisk by Cakesmiths

Does your significant other love baking? Rekindle your romance whilst you bake together. Enroll yourselves into a class at Wisk by Cakesmiths. Learn how to bake gourmet cakes, breads and many others and get your kitchen game on fleek!

10 Best Places For Your Date Night This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air…

What is that one thing that makes your significant other happy? When you leave no stone unturned to express your love for them. This year, it comes on a weekday but that is just another hurdle to make the evening even more special. Here’s a list of restaurants you can take your significant other.


For the beach babies

Estella, Juhu

Estella, Juhu

Fancy a date by the sea? Book your table at the recently opened Modern Australian restaurant – Estella. Listen to the soothing sound of the waves gently crashing onto the shore while you savour an elaborate menu. Try their Thai Salmon Fishcake with poached Salmon Salad & Tomato Chowder. If you like sushi, try the Beach Salmon & Beet Carpaccio Maki Rolls that come with avocado & creamy ponzu topped crab salad.

Kiki’s Café & Deli, Mandwa Jetty

Kiki's Cafe & Delhi, Mandwa Jetty
Kiki’s Cafe & Delhi, Mandwa Jetty

So you want it to be picture perfect away from the city and yet by the beach? Hop on to the next ferry from Gateway of India that takes you to Mandwa Jetty. Make your way to Kiki’s Café & Deli with sweeping views of the sea. Feel the sea breeze and savour a delish Seafood Linguine with Truffle Oil or Balinese Curry.

For the ones wanting to dance the night away

Copa, Juhu

Copa, Juhu

If you want to dance the night away, Copa is your place to be. Sip on the gastronomic cocktails such as The Big Booty (no pun intended) and hold her close as you move to the tunes of Bachata.


For the ones yearning some quality time

One Street Over, Bandra

One Street Over, Bandra
One Street Over, Bandra

It’s time to celebrate love and savour some cocktails made especially for your date night at One Street Over, Bandra. Bond over a dish of their delicious Crab Rangoon Wontons or their Dan Dan Noodles. Sip on a glass of Cranberry Kiss – a mélange of Chandon and cranberry sorbet and many more.

Veranda, Bandra

Veranda, Bandra

If you enjoy your alone time away from the city’s chaos, Veranda is your place to be. It’s the simplicity of this place that allows love to blossom over a plateful of delicious Allepy Prawns curry or Rogan Josh. Sip some Watermelon & Basil Mojito while you’re at it.

The Korner House, Khar

The Korner House, Khar
The Korner House, Khar

If you’re a gourmand, you and your partner should head to Chef Vicky Ratnani’s The Korner House for your date night. Nestled in a quaint yet cheery lane, this restaurant is ideal for a gourmet meal with the one you love. Sample an decadent four course meal that includes Winter Asparagus Soup with Parmesan or Fillet of Norwegian Salmon with baby bokchoy and Persian lemon buerre blanc.

For your dose of the good old retro

Door No 1, Bandra
Miss the times when Elvis Presley’s songs topped the charts? Head to Door No 1 for your dose of true blue retro. Devour some delicious Char grilled Lemon Mustard Fish Tikka or Mixed Sprout Falafel with Hummus Dip. Sip on spiked Chocolate Milkshake as you relive memories from when you were strangers in the night to when you can’t stop falling in love with her!

For the high school love Birds

Bar Bar, Kurla
High school sweethearts, head to Bar Bar this Valentine’s Day, why you’d ask? This Valentine’s Bar Bar hosts a prom night theme that takes your back in time. So ladies and gentlemen, don your pleated skirts and strap on your suspenders; shake a leg to the chartbusters from 80’s 90’s and early 2000’s. Savour a menu replete with nostalgia such as Pulled Chicken Dabeli, Chinese Bhel Frankie, Machchi Mirchi Pav, et al.  At the end of your date, the best dressed couple gets a prize too!!


For the Art Affceionados

AKA Bistro, Kala Ghoda

Interiors at AKA Bistro
Interiors at AKA Bistro

If you or your partner is art aficionados, take a walk around the art district, Kalaghoda and head to AKA Bistro. This place is a mélange of modern pop art and neo classical baroque décor. It’s a great place for some delectable food and quality time with your significant other.  Find yourself relishing a menu especially curated for the occasion. Sample some Prawn bisque, Broccoli Cakes and Seafood Paella amongst other.


For the Bollywood Buff

Madeira & Mime, Powai

New Restaurants in Mumbai
Madeira & Mime

This Valentine’s Day, go over the top with the one you love. If you’re a Bollywood buff, you’re in for a treat at Madeira & Mime. Get all mushy with the ‘Roop ki Raani and Choron Ka Raja’ theme. They’ve gone all out with cocktails such as Disco Pisco, Pyaar ka PUNCHnama & Prem Ratan ‘RUM’ Paayo. That’s not all, there’s a selfie corner, lovey dovey music and games too!

7 Places You Should Eat At During Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2017

Don’t miss out on these restaurants while at the KGAF.

It’s that time of the year, the Kala Ghoda Fest is here. The crowds flock the city’s beloved art district; some stare in awe at the lovely art installations, some enjoy performances while the others pose for selfies. Whilst all this, if your tummy grumbles, these are the places we suggest.


Interiors at Khyber, Kala Ghoda

Drenched in history, this place echoes the stories told in north western frontier of the country. The elaborate detail to décor is reminiscent of Scherezade from the Arabian nights and the traders that tread the Silk Route. North western frontier cuisine has gathered liking from actors, cricketers, singers and politicians alike. Relish a good plate of Reshmi Broccoli and Chicken Mughlai with a Roomali Rotis.

AKA Bistro

Interiors at AKA Bistro
Interiors at AKA Bistro

Want to have a quick bite or an easy relaxed lunch before you head to your next session? Head to AKA Bistro; located just opposite Commerce House and The Pantry. This bistro is hard to miss but once inside, the neo classical baroque décor will make you want to spend more time here. Savour a Buckwheat crepe or Fish Tacos and don’t forget to sample some of their teas while you’re at it.

Remember how rolls used to be your snack on-the-go during college days? Just next to the Synagogue, you’ll find crowds swarming the tiny joint for their share of kebabs and rolls after which they walk away with a smile on their faces. Try their melt in mouth Seekh Kebab Rolls and Baida Roti.

Burma Burma

Interiors at Burma Burma

Crave some lip smacking Asian food? Head to Burma Burma tucked inside a lane in the art district. The restaurant serves some delicious Burmese (Myanmar) delicacies that remain unexplored. Dig into some comforting Khao Suey, a thick noodle broth after a long day at the Kala Ghoda Arts Fest, 2017. If you’re in the mood for light eats try their delicious Tayat Ti Thoke (Raw Mango Salad) and wash it down with their excellent collection of teas.

1441 Pizzeria
Recently opened, this pizzeria is located near Lion’s Gate and it’s easy to spot. Visit this place for some gourmet DIY (do it yourself) pizzas that allow you to get your inner chef out. The pizzas are then stone baked and served fresh, more importantly, piping hot!


Interiors at 145

Now, we’ve all been to this place, but for those of you who haven’t, this noon to moon place is home to cocktails, milkshakes, finger food and they have a pool table too! Located on the first floor, it’s slightly difficult to spot this place and then get a table. Once you accomplish both, sit at the bar sipping on the delicious cocktails and munch on Pork Fries.

5 Sinful Desserts You Should Eat This World Nutella Day: Sugar Rush Guaranteed!

Nuts for Nutella!

Do you love Nutella? We’re just saying that it was a rhetorical question, because we know you do! Guess what? 5th of February, today, is the World Nutella Day! So, we thought, why not write about our love for the luscious spread that’s an indivisible part of our lives; here’s a list of decadent eats (and drinks)

Nutella Pizza@1441 Pizzeria, Fort

Nutellla Pizza at 1441 Pizzeria

Like Pizza? Now there’s a pizza with Nutella on it! At 1441 Pizzeria, where they stone bake their pizzas, a gooey Nutella Pizza topped with pillowy marshmallows is the perfect way to celebrate World Nutella Day!

Nutella Sea Salt  Cookies@Sweetish House Mafia, Nariman Point

Nutella Sea Salt Cookies at Sweetish House Mafia

Sometimes, even Nutella needs a partner in crime for guilty pleasures. Here it’s sea salt. Delicious melt-in-mouth cookie oozing with rich chocolate hazelnut concoction with a tiny hint of coarse sea salt, need we say more?

Nutella Crepe@Suzette Creperie & Cafe, Bandra

Nutella Crepe at Suzette

Love chocolate, but like to keep it light? Try the yummy Nutella Crepe at Suzette. A thin  crepe that comes smothered with goodness of chocolates and hazelnut. This, indeed is your hero when you crave chocolate and try to eat healthy.

Nutella Mudwell Cake@The Boston Cupcakery, Bandra

Nutella Mudwell Cake at The Boston Cupcakery
Nutella Mudwell Cake at The Boston Cupcakery

Ever wondered if there’s a universal cure to our worries? Well, we don’t know about that but the Nutella Mudwell Cake at The Boston Cupcake sure seems to fit the bill. The cake has a central cavity that’s gooey and creamy with the rich hazelnut spread. We rest our case.

Nutella Waffles and Churro Ice cream Cones@145, Kalaghoda

Nutella Waffles and Churro Ice cream Cones at145
Nutella Waffles and Churro Ice cream Cones at145

Located in the city’s art district, 145 dishes out some really indulgent desserts. Nutella Waffles and Churro Ice cream cones is one such lip-smacking dessert that brings together Spanish Churros, Italian Nutella and Belgian Waffles together.

Image Credits: Cryselle D’souza

Know Your Food: Gujarati Cuisine Decoded

Gujarati cuisine at a glance…

People of Gujarat, have travelled around the globe and they’ve taken their cuisine everywhere they’ve gone. Even though it’s a coastal state, most of people are either lacto-vegans or Jains. Their vibrant culture and delicious cuisine have been relished only in Thalis, but there’s more to it than just that. Here’s a list of yummy eats, your Gujju food 101.

Thali@Golden Star Thali, Charni Road


It’s probably the first thing that occurs to one when you say Gujarati food. The idea of Thali restaurants is based on the importance of food in the warm and welcoming Gujarati culture. A Thali is an ensemble of roti, vegetables, curries, rice, savoury snacks and rice.

Khandvi@Ashok Khaman House, Malad


Khandvi is a popular snack in Gujarat. Seen at many snack joints, they resemble pinwheel sandwich, except this one has no bread. Tempered chickpea flour and buttermilk is made into a gooey mixture, flattened onto a surface and rolled back. They are lusciously tender and delicious as the spices blend well with the slightly sour buttermilk.

Undhiyu@B Bhagat Tarachand, Marine Lines
When winter arrives, it brings with it a bunch of seasonal fruits and veggies. For Gujarat it is Undhiyo; everyone relishes this winter favourite dish. This one-pot vegetable dish is made with numerous seasonal vegetables and muthiya – deep fried gram flour dumplings.

Dhokla@Bikaji Food Junction, Malad


Dhokla is probably one of the well known Gujarati snacks. It’s like the SpongeBob of Gujarati snacks. This fermented dish is  both a street food favourite and go-to comfort dish. Made from a lentil flour and yogurt batter, it’s steamed and that’s what makes it light and porous.

Thepla@Guru Kripa, Sion


The Gujarati community is known to be avid travellers and wherever they’ve travelled, they carry Theplas with them. What is Thepla you’d ask? It’s a thin flatbread, usually made with fenugreek leaves makes for an appetizing snack for an untimely hunger pang or something to go with your piping hot cuppa chai.

Dal Dhokli@Chetana, Fort
Dal dhokli is a hearty dish that beats your bad mood and rescues you from your hunger pangs. Made with thinly rolled cakes of dough in a thick rich lentil gravy, it is a substitute for a meal when you crave some warmth and nutrition.

Patra@Status Veg Restaurant, Nariman Point


Another pinwheel snack, it is a side dish during dinners too! Colacasia leaves are stacked on top of each other sandwiching a rice and lentil flour mixed with spices that are twice cooked, first steamed and then shallow fried.  Rolled up together with sesame seeds garnish, it is crunchy and delicious!

Locho@Gopal Locho, Kandivli West


Hailing from Surat, Locho is a nourishing yet delicious snack and it has an interesting backstory to it. Whilst making some Dhokla, the cook, by error added a little more water to the batter and when he realized it, he exclaimed Su locho (problem) thai gayu?!” and hence the name was derived. Made with very little oil or spices, the traditional variant comes drizzled with clarified butter and sprinkled masala. This heart snack also doubles up for a mini-meal sometimes.

Sev Tamate nu Saak@Kailash Parbat, Colaba

Sev Tamatar nu Shaak

This one’s a favourite amongst the ones who like a little more spice in the rather balanced Gujarati food. Sev, deep fried lentil dough shavings is a snack enjoyed at all times and they have recipes too!

Khakra@Brijwasi Sweets, Powai


Ever fancied a snack that’s filling enough for the mid-meal hunger pangs and portable enough to carry around everywhere? You should probably try Khakra. This is a flatbread made of cereal but it comes is many variants such as pav bhaji, Jeera, Masala, et al.

Shrikhand@Dwarka, Fort


Hung curd and sugar make a luscious dessert that no one can ever get enough of. This creamy concoction can be relished either as a dessert or with a piping hot puri.

Mohanthal@Kandoi Haribhai Damodar Mithaiwala, Borivali


Mohanthal is one of the signature dishes that Gujarat is known for. Just like the warm hospitable and friendly people of this state, the cuisine offers a dessert called Mohanthal. It is a delicacy of gram flour, nuts, butter and saffron. Slow cooked until it gains a fudge like consistency, this melt-in-your-mouth delight will have you swooning over as soon as you take the first bite.

Images for representational purposes only.

Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza

8 Strawberry Dishes You Must try This Season!

The very good berry is here again!

The Strawberry season is here! We’ve seen it in ice creams, shakes, fruits markets and sometimes even on traffic signals. What we don’t do is enjoy this fruit to its fullest. So, we thought why not make the most of it while this luscious red berry is here? Here’s our list of strawberry dishes you must try in Mumbai.

Strawberry Balsamic Ice cream@The Sassy Spoon, Bandra

Strawberry Balsamic Ice cream at The Sassy Spoon

Why have strawberry ice creams, when you get your fix from one that hosts a myriad of flavours in it? A twist on the usual Strawberry Balsamic Salad, this ice cream is a lovely concoction. What’s more? You can taste an underlying hint of watermelon too!

Rich Chocolate Strawberry@Deliciae, Khar

Rich Chocolate Strawberry at Deliciae
Rich Chocolate Strawberry at Deliciae

Strawberries and chocolates are good on their own, but imagine what would happen if they were put together in a sinful mélange. A dense dark, intense and gooey chocolate cake with real juicy strawberries, need we say more?

Strawberrylicious Hot Chocolate@Grandmama’s Café, Lower Parel

Strawberrylicious Hot Chocolate at Grandmama’s Cafe

Now, hot chocolate may be an all year round favourite. This comforting warm potion sure sets you in motion when you feel low or crave comfort. It gets even better with chunks of juicy slightly sweet strawberries.

Winter Strawberry & Couscous Mix@Ministry of Salads, Breach Candy


Winter Strawberry & Couscous Mix at Ministry of Salads
Winter Strawberry & Couscous Mix at Ministry of Salads

We thought why not find something healthy with strawberries and we stumbled on the Winter Strawberry & Couscous Salad. This salad has strawberries with couscous and baby spinach, crisp red onions, crunchy almonds and flax seeds. The Balsamic dressing single handedly balances the flavours.

 Strawberry Tart@Theobroma, Colaba

Strawberry Tart Image only for representational purposes

What’s a strawberry season without a good old strawberry tart? Besides, you know if you’re talking desserts and Theobroma, you’ll surely satiate your sweet tooth. A brittle pastry casing topped with strawberries make for the best nostalgia inducing strawberry dessert!

 Strawberry Waffles@Coffee by Di Bella, Peddar Road

Strawberry Waffles at Coffee by Di Bella

We all know that waffles at Di Bella have been a favourite, but this season they’re pretty with slices of strawberry on top! Freshly made warm waffles come drizzled with Nutella and topped with luscious strawberry slices, they are as indulgent as they are comforting.

Peperrazi Pink@Sucres De Terres, Worli

Peperrazi Pink at Sucres De Terres
Peperrazi Pink at Sucres De Terres

Fan of artisanal ice creams? Get your hands on Peperazzi Pink from Sucres De Terres. Flavours of luscious strawberries and zesty black pepper marry in an ice cream that’s an indulgence in itself.

Strawberry Goat Cheese Focaccia@Lobby Lounge, Grand Hyatt, Santacruz

We know that strawberries make for good dessert and savouries too. Head to the Lobby Lounge at the Grand Hyatt and try some delicious Strawberry Goat Cheese Focaccia. Warm soft bread with tart strawberries and creamy goat cheese make for the perfect snack to pair with your tea.

India On A Platter – Part 2

A culinary insight into the heart of the country

We’ve seen that Indian subcontinent houses a lot of mouth watering cuisines. We’re definitely privileged and spoilt for choice, at least with food. As hedonists in pursuit of nirvana, here’s another list of cuisines you should try.

Khozi Melagu Chettinad@South Of VindhyasThe Orchid, Vile Parle

Khozi Melagu Chettinad
Khozi Melagu Chettinad

In a collection of cuisines that Tamil Nadu sees, Chettinad is the most well known. This is owing to the unrestricted use of spices and use of sun dried meat – a technique adapted very early in the culinary history. Interestingly, it is just one of the techniques they adopted whilst trading with merchants from across the south-east Asian countries.


Kosha Mangsho@Bhojohari Manna, Oshiwara

Kosha Mangsho

What we usually interpret as a cuisine of desserts actually has some feisty curries to it too! Bengal has seen an influx of both the pre-independence Colonial and Chinese, yet the cuisine have been carefully retained. One such example is Kasho Mangsho, a lovely and robust mutton curry you’re supposed to polish off with rice.

Kolhapuri Sukke@Diva Maharashtracha, Matunga West

Kolhapuri Sukke

As a host to many tribes and communities, Maharashtrian cuisine is vast, in fact it is believed that food changes in every family with their best kept secrets. With dishes ranging from mildly spiced to fiery, the cuisine in itself is diverse. Kolhapuri Sukke is a dish relished by many for abundant use of spices. However, if you don’t have an appetite for spice, you can easily gorge onto some Sabudana khichdi, sago sautéed over clarified butter with green chilies and crushed peanuts.

Coorgi Chicken Curry@South Of VindhyasThe Orchid, Vile Parle

Coorgi Chicken Curry
Coorgi Chicken Curry

Coorg is a nestled hill station not very far from Bangalore. This lush idyllic village is aptly nicknamed the Scotland of India and hosts a warrior tribe known as Kodava. These warm hospitable people have a cuisine that’s  delicious and sourced from the forests. Coorgi Chicken curry just like its other dishes is aromatic, piquant yet flavourful. Tangy and spicy, it teases the palate just as it pleases it.

Patra@Thacker’s, Girgaon Chowpatty

Even though Gujarat has a considerable coastline, it mostly, remains a vegetarian state. That’s not all, Gujarat is host to four cuisines hailing from the different regions such as Kathiawad, Kutch, Northern Gujarat and Surat. With distinct flavours and recipes in all cuisines some are relatively better known. Patra, a stack of colacasia leaves cemented with rice and lentil spice mix spiraled is steamed and then fried. Usually served as an appetizer it’s relished by everyone and it doubles up as a snack too!

Dal Makhani@Pratap Da Dhaba, Andheri West


What can you say about the food in a state known as the ‘Food bowl of India’? Punjab being a highly agrarian state has a robust yet rustic cuisine. The food is replete with butter and cream , Dal Makhani being an apt example. Slow cooked whole black lentils and cream which blends together seamlessly into a bowl (or two) of comforting almost life saving nirvana that you’d relish with a paratha.

Paya Shorba@Gallops, Mahalaxmi Race Course

Paaya Shorba

Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, drenched in opulence still echoes the lovely culinary traditions in the Hyderabadi cuisine. Paya Shorbas is a comforting lamb trotter broth that warms you up just when you need it. A subtly spiced and delicately flavoured, this soup that also doubles as a remedy to the ones who need to heal.

Thukpa@New Sernyaa, Andheri

When someone usually speaks about Indian cuisine we probably think about curry and Tandoori chicken. Not very far, in the North East, the seven sisters such as Assam, Sikkim et al. These cuisines lay unexplored and Thukpa is one such dish from Sikkimese cuisine. A hearty broth made with noodles, vegetables and meat; simple nourishing and delicious it’s relished by all.

Images for representational purposes only.

Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza 

India On A Platter

Culinary gems of India at a glance

India is a vibrant country where diversity is its beauty. With over a hundred spoken languages, cultures and cuisines, this country is a melting pot of cultures which remains strong at its roots. We are a country that’s witnessed history since the Neolithic age and savors food brought in by the conquerors, traders and visitors. This Republic Day, let’s have a look at how gastronomically diverse our country is. Here’s our list of places in Mumbai where you get to taste a bit of every culture from India.

Litti Chokha@Litti Express, Andheri West

Litti Chokha
Litti Chokha

When you think of Bihari cuisine, the first thing that occurs to you is Litti Chokha. No doubt it’s become one of the culinary symbols of Bihar, but there’s also a long history to it. The earliest records of these sun baked dough balls are mentioned in Ibn Batuta’s records as ancient as Magadha Empire. So, break open into a litti and relish it with the feisty and pungent chokha.

Gosht Yakhni@Poush Essence of Kashmir, Kurla
Jammu & Kashmir is a princely state that was synonymous to the Mughal Emperor Jehangir’s idea of heaven. This state houses Kashmiri Muslims and Hindu Pundits, consequentially their cuisines as well. Gosht Yakhni is an authentic Kashmiri mutton dish in yoghurt gravy with an abundance of spices.

Pork Vindaloo@New Martin, Colaba

Goa is the perfect destination for some sun, sand and surf, but did you know Goan cuisine is just as interesting? This culinary heritage is a classic mélange of the early Indian habitants and the Portuguese settlers. Now, the Goans don’t shy away from spices and Pork Vindaloo stands testimony to that! Luscious chunks of Pork marinated in wine and garlic are cooked in spicy, tangy and sour curry. This dish may be hostile to your palate at first, but it is a treat for sure!

Karimeen Polichattu @Lalit Refreshments – Taste of Kerala, Fort

Karimeen Pollichattu
Karimeen Pollichattu

Kerala also known as the land of spices has quite a few culinary delights. With a multitude of both no vegetarian dishes, seafood remains sacrosanct. One such example of their love for seafood is Karimeen Pollichatthu. A bony fish wrapped in a sautéed spice mix and banana leaf. When you crave authentic Kerala seafood, head to Lalit Refreshments – Taste of Kerala, a quaint little eatery tucked into a lane at Fort.

Galaouti Kebab@Dum Pukht ITC Grand MarathaAndheri

Native to the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, Awadhi cuisine is way different from what we usually misunderstand it as Mughlai. With influences from Mughal cooking methods, it finds its roots from Central Asia. The Dum cooking method also hails from this glorious cuisine of the Nawabs. Sample some melt-in-mouth Galouti Kebab. We’ve heard they were made to please a toothless Nawab, Asaf-ud-Dowlah and have been winning hearts ever since!

Podi Annam@Gonguura, Andheri
Andhra Pradesh hosts a trio of cuisines, the coastal  Nothern-Andhra and Rayalaseema being famous for the liberal use of spices. Podi Annam is a classic example of a quintessentially Andhra meal. Podi, also known as gun powder, is a feisty mix of red chilly power, sesame seeds and lentils. It’s liberally sprinkled on rice and topped with a dollop of ghee. This sure makes for a delicious yet minimalistic meal.

Dhansak@Jimmy Boy, Fort

Chicken Dhansak

Parsi Cuisine has been around for a while but as a country, we are yet to acknowledge and admire this rather simplistic cuisine. Bearing influences from Caucasian cuisines such as Kurdish and Turkish, it has, over time adapted to Indian taste too. Dhansak is one such gem of this cuisine. This dense three lentil curry is originally made with tender chunks of lamb and secret spice mix. If you aren’t fond of mutton, you can try the chicken and vegetarian variants too!

Panchmel Dal@Chetana, Kala Ghoda

Panchmel Daal

The land of royalty, Rajasthan has many a culinary gems (pun intended) and is usually confused with cuisines from either Kutch or Gujarat. Panchmel Dal has a little bit of history to it too; apparently, the first record of this five lentil preparation was in the Ayurveda and is backed by some records found in Chandra Gupta Maurya’s reign.

Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza

Eat This When You’re On A Shoestring Budget…Good Food Guaranteed!

The next time you want delicious food that’s easy on the pocket, look no further!

While we await payday and try to make it through the month end, we thought why not give you some options where you can eat food that’s easy on your pocket too!

Ayub’s, Fort 

Seekh Kebabs at Ayub's
Seekh Kebabs at Ayub’s

Craving for a yummy roll in the evenings while hanging out in town? Ayub’s is your place to go. Situated in the by-lanes of the art district, it serves some delicious Chicken Reshmi and Chicken Seekh roll. You can have your fill here in under Rs 500 and while you’re at it finish your meal with caramel custard.

Puncham Puriwala, Fort

Puri Bhaji
Puri Bhaji

The name says what they serve you in the restaurant but the restaurant has an interesting history to it. The proprietor had come to the city during British Raj, apparently, even before the trains had started operating in India. He made a living by selling Puri and sabji as a vendor. They’ve been at it ever since. Witnessing seven generations, this eatery has stood the test of time. They dish out wholesome meals for as little as Rs 200, even after all these years.

The J, Churchgate

Fish and Chips at The J
Fish and Chips at The J

Bang opposite K.C. College, you’ll find students and locals flocking this outlet based out of a garage. The J, Churchgate serves some piping hot fries and thick milkshakes at a price Rs 100 onward. Their J In The Jungle comes topped with cheese, barbeque and chilly sauce, and shredded chicken. They have options for vegetarians and Jains too.

Go Panda, Andheri West

Sanghai Crepe at Go Panda
Sanghai Crepe at Go Panda

Who says good Asian food is available only at fine dine restaurants? Step into Go Panda outlet and gorge on to some yummy Dandam Noodles. As you start eating here, you’ll happily fill your belly under Rs 600. If you’re in mood for sandwiches, they have those too!

Noorani, Haji Ali
Café Noorani at Tardeo has been around for a while and arguably serves the best Chicken Tandoori in town. This place used to be famous for its Biryani, but don’t let that stop you from gorging on their kebabs and curries. So, feast on the delicious Mughlai fare for Rs 300!

Kailash Parbat, Colaba


A family owned outlet, this is a place we all have eaten growing up and know the food here is just as it was when we were younger. Kailash Parbat is known for its chat and we’d select Delhi Chat anyway but if you’re in the mood for something wholesome, dig into their enormous Chole Bhature only at Rs 120.

Café New York, Girgaon Chowpatty

Crispy Chicken

Café New Yorker has been around for decades and being located close to two colleges makes it a student favourite too! You’ll see students and adults swarming this place alike after college or during cricket matches. Cheer for your team as you munch on some Crispy Chicken or Chicken lollipop without parting more than Rs 600.

Howrah, Bandra

Burgers at Howrah
Burgers at Howrah

There are burgers and then are great burgers at Howrah. Known for its delicious and large burgers, its pocket friendly too!  Howrah rescues you from both hunger pangs and junk food cravings! If you feel adventurous take on The Godfather burger stuffed with three patties, caramelized onions and sauces. If you want to keep it light, dig into their Bae or Breaking Bad burger. While you’re at it remember, it’s a felony to not try their deep fried Oreos all of this in under Rs500!


Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza

These Restaurants Dish Out The Best Modern Indian Treats

Indian cuisine isn’t only about Tandoori chicken and naan you know?

Chettinad Prawns “Ali-Yolio”@ The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

Chettinad Prawns 'Ali Yolio' at The Bombay Canteen
Chettinad Prawns ‘Ali Yolio’ at The Bombay Canteen

What do you wish for when you love seafood and crave spicy food? Chettinad Prawns ‘Ali-Yolio”! This flavorful dish at The Bombay Canteen is modern yet holds a very rustic charm. An eclectic mix of the minimal aglio olio herbs and the fiery Chettinad cuisine, this beauty is just as delicious as it looks.

Irish Malai Kulfi @MyxxMumbai 

Irish Malai Kulfi at Myx
Irish Malai Kulfi at Myx

The good old Indian kulfi we relish after a meal, meets Ireland at Myxx. Grab yourself a decadent Malai Kulfi with a dash of Bailey’s Irish Cream. This dessert is a perfect way to be high on life (no pun intended!) 

Panko Crusted Bharwan Mirch@Indian Accent – The Manor, Delhi

Panko Crusted Bharwan Mirch at Indian Accent- The Manor
Panko Crusted Bharwan Mirch at Indian Accent- The Manor

In one of Delhi’s most sauve yet sophisticated restaurants, you’ll find a dish which hosts a myriad of flavours. A Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) crusted plump green chilly is stuffed with a creamy goat cheese mousse and then deep fried. Bite into it to taste the salty cheese oozing out of the slit. These lovelies come drizzled with chilli aam papad chutney which balances the flavour.

Kheema Aloo Pie with Bun Maska@Bombay Brasserie, Chennai

Kheema Aloo Pie

We’ve all had our fair share of Kheema Aloo from our closest Irani restaurants growing up; ever thought it could get a makeover? This dish is as close as it can get to Shepherd’s Pie. With mince cooked to perfection with spices and shrouded with mashed potato crust, this makes for a delicious snack.

Rasmalai Baked Alaska @The Pink PoppadomHyatt, Bangalore

Rasmalai Baked Alaska at The Pink Poppadom
Rasmalai Baked Alaska at The Pink Poppadom

Now, we all relish Baked Alaska, an ice cream in a meringue casing, but The Pink Poppadom at Hyatt brought it closer to home. They designed a dessert where oriental meets occidental: Rasmalai Baked Alaska. Poached milk dumpling meets a baked meringue and if you asked -what’s more? It’s flambéed! It’s quiet a performance so watch them perform it on your table.

Bekti Diavola@Threesixtythree – The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

Fish is a huge part of Bengali cuisine and Betki fish reserves a special place in their hearts. Here at the Three sixty three, Bengal meets Italy in a plateful of Bekti Diavola. It is a delicate fish in flavourful spices and a lingering taste that you’ll remember for a long time!